Saturday, July 4, 2009

ReCap: DJ Rasta Root x DJ Witnesse: Live At Marshall Arts Saturday June 27, 2009

So It Has Now Been A Week Since DJ Rasta Root and DJ Witnesse In Collaboration With Sneak Peek, Strange Fruit, Red Bull, and The Entire Hip Hop Community of Memphis Had A Small Art Gallery In Downtown Memphis Jumpin. Great Music, Great People, and Free Drinks Always Equals A Dope Ass Event Which Has Come To Be Expected From Us, and This Time Was No Different. With The Exception of a Few Jerks The Night Went Without Any Issues and Everyone Got To Enjoy Hip Hop Culture In Its Purest Form Unlike Ever Seen In The City of Memphis Before. How We Will Top This, Who Knows, But I Must Say That I Am So Pleased With The Way These Events Are Attended and The Diverse Groups Of People We See Coming Through The Doors. Following Every Event We Get So Many "Thank You's" and "When Are Yall Doing This Again", and The Truth Is We Never Know, but Please Believe We Will Be At It Again In The Next Couple of Weeks. Bigger, Better, and Doper (Is That A Word) Then Ever. Below Are Just A Couple Pics From The Festivities. There Are So Many More On Facebook That Were Posted By Akeara "Graphic Queen" Williams (CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THEM). SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO ALL THAT SHOWED UP AND SUPPORTED THIS EVENT, SPECIFICALLY WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK DJ RASTA ROOT, DJ WITNESSE, STRANGE FRUIT PRODUCTIONS, RED BULL, CHRISTINA, GAVIN, TOMMY, JACK BLACK, PARKER, AND MARK BROWN FOR THEIR HELP IN THE PRODUCTION OF THE EVENT. CONTINUE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE BLOG FOR UP TO DATE INFORMATION ON ANY FUTURE EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS AROUND SNEAK PEEK - MEMPHIS. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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