Thursday, April 30, 2009

Respect Given When Respect Is Due

Sneak Peek Loyal BJ Williams got on stage at Euphoria during HYPE LIFE's "Melting Pot Open Mic Event" and following his reading, immediately got off stage and started slangin' flyers for his UPCOMING EVNET. Thats a Hustla and I Got Nothing But Love and Respect for That One, so I figured I would help him out spreading the word to the couple thousands of people that visit this Blog daily. For the first time, Memphis' own and Sneak Peek Loyal Drumma Boy and Drum Squad Productions is bringing everyone the "Welcome To My City" Weekend, being kicked off tomorrow with "Mic Check" featuring a few of Memphis' Hottest Unsigned Artist ZedZilla, NaKia Shine, Kristyle. Follow either clickable link (above or below) for details. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE. By The Way The "Welcome To My City" Mixtape Is Realyy Crazy, Big Ups To Drum Squad for this banger.

Link To Flyer

A Sneak Peek At Some Items You Should Look Out For

How the hell some of the Loyals found out about these I don't know but since I told one person we will have them, we have been taking 3 or 4 calls daily about when they drop. Mid-May is what they are told, all of these colors will be available, but quantities will be super limited, so we are considering taking Pre-Orders. More info will be provided as the date gets closer, but we currently have some rare G-Shocks in stock (Gold Snakeskin and Baby G-Shocks too). Stay Tuned for DataBank Info

These Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 "Cinco De Mayo" Pack will be released on Saturday May 2, 2009. Originally believed to be released as a dual package is now confirmed to be sold individually for $100.00. They will be here Saturday in a couple sizes.

I Have Nothing To Say About This One; JUST WATCH

This is officially SMH (Shaking My Head) Material. Check It Out For Yourself.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10. Deep 2009 "Keep It Moving" Spring Collection 2 Photoshoot Video

Our 2nd Delivery from 10. Deep should be arriving any day now, full of Dope Ass T-Shirts, Some Everyday Button Downs, and Hats (5 Panel and New Era). This video was shot during the photoshoot for the Second Delivery and though you can't see specifics you can tell they came with the Heat, and Trust Me, the Summer is even better.
10.Deep - Spring 2009 Delivery 2: Keep It Moving from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

Pay close attention to the Blog as 10. Deep goes fast, How Fast? Very Fast (Arrived April 10, 2009 - Sold Out (except for a couple smaller sizes) April 10, 2009, Enough Said). Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

New Arrival: Nike SB Supreme Bruin

Well when a Nike shoe only gets released only in LA and New York you can almost be sure your not gonna get them. Sneaker Fiends in those cities are a little more active then in Memphis as they will camp outside days in advance, Buy tickets just to be able to stand in line to get the shoe, etc. So How In The Hell did Little Ol' Sneak Peek in Memphis grab not only one pair but two pair of Nike SB x Supreme releases that completely SOLD OUT in 7 MINUTES. Well we have a secret weapon called "The Boss Lady" that makes sure that we are always on point no matter the occassion. With that said I would like to announce that just arriving at Sneak Peek, 2 Pair of Nike SB Supreme Bruins in the Red/ Gold/ White Colorway (Already Sold to Wong) and the Black/ Silver/ White colorway which is currently for sale at Sneak Peek. It is a pretty dope shoe, luckily it is about 3 inches short or all of yall would be S.O.L. So now everyone knows if there is any shoe you need, anywhere in the World, Limited Release or Not, Super Expensive or Reasonablly Priced, Sneak Peek Got Ya. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Music Monday: Rich Boy Featuring Polo Da Don - Drop

I have only heard this joint twice and its one of those songs that just make you stop and listen. I would have assumed I would have been tired of the whole Inde Track Jacking but this might be the best thus far. Big ups to Rich Boy and Super Producer Polo Da Don for the track of 2009 thus far in my opinion. Stop, Listen, Enjoy, and Let Us Know What You Think. Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sneak Peek Bowling Night: Tonight @ Primetime Sports Bar (Formally Jillian's)

Just trying to have FUN and ENJOY a Night Downtown with all of our Customers, Supporters, and Haters (We Know Yall Attend Our Events, LOL). There is nothing like HEALTHY COMPETITION to take away the stresses of the week.

Come and Join the Sneak Peek Family at the Primetime Bowling Alley located on the Downstairs Level of Primetime Sports Bar (Formally Jillian's).

Sneak Peek Bowling Night

PrimeTime Sports Bar (Formally Jillian's)
150 Peabody Place (Downtown Memphis)
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

10:00 PM - Until We Decide To Leave

$2.00 (Shoes)
$4.00 (Per Game)

We Have Reserved Lanes Already and Will Reserve More As Needed. So if you have nothing to do or are tired of doing the same clubs every weekend come and join the Sneak Peek Family for Bowling Night at Primetime Sports. Hope to see everyone there.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

KidRobot Spring Delivery 2 Has Arrived

KidRobot is one of those brands that always sells itself, people know what it is when they see it and it never really last to long on the shelves at Sneak Peek. Dope designs, good fit, and a variety of looks that satisfies the young and hungry Teens to the Adults who still feel the neccessity to be Fresh (It Is Always Neccessary To Be Fresh No Matter What Your Age Is). Though it just arrived yesterday some of the Loyals have already been in to grab theirs before the Masses get to it and I suggest you do the same. Spring Delivery 2 includes Tees, Polos, and New Eras in various colors and sizes. Some of the pieces are 1 of 1's, meaning you will be the only, so if you like what you see, come by and grab yours before its gone. Enjoy the pics and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Era For Days: You Take Your Pick

Sometimes we get so consumed with listing clothing, music, and other various things that WE FORGET WHY WE ARE HERE. Don't get me wrong keeping everyone up to date on what is happening in our world is dope but the Blog is to give people a "Sneak Peek" of what is in the store and ALSO keeping everyone up to date and involved. We often let gear just come in the store without giving it the specific attention it needs and deserves. So with that said let me get everyone caught up with whats on the shelves here at 652 that we neglected to display. I would definately say that our most neglected items are the various styles of New Era we carry. No Team Caps here, but we do carry a good assortment of New Eras provided by the Clothing Brands in-stock. Check out the pics below for a Sneak Peek. Most are available in sizes 7 - 8 (and all the sizes in between). One per size and some are even just 1 of 1's (one size only, so you will be the only person in Memphis to rock it). Come pick yours up today and Until We Speak Again Peace.

Fresh Jive Spring Collection "World Problems" with matching T-Shirt and "1989" Year Fresh Jive was released and maybe your Birth Year

Some of KidRobots Spring Colletion of New Eras all with matching T-Shirts (The White Reaper Glows In The Dark: Look Below)

This is an assortment of New Eras from The Hundreds, Stussy, and UnDefeated all in Size 7 and 1/2.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

InCase BookBags and Paul Rodriguez Skateboard Collection

So Santa Claus (the UPS Man) came through bearing huge boxes and . . . . . . . . . well let me just get to the pictures and I will explain later.

Full Bookbags and Messenger Bags Available In Red, Light Blue, and Black

RaRa rocking the InCase Messenger Bag in Light Blue

Incase BackPack/ BookBag available in Red, Light Blue, and Black

How many of you remember the Gravis Bags and Luggage we had the 1st week the store opened? Probably not many of you because they went that fast, 3 or 4 days tops (Sold Out). Well just in time for all of the Summer Travel we have new BookBags/ BackPacks, Messenger Bags, and Luggage from InCase. These bags are equally comfortable and designed with dopeness, as they come with additional back support for those heavy loads but also were manufactured with no hard lines giving them a very futuristic look. No matter which Bag or Luggage set you are looking at, there is so much more then what can be seen in pictures. Secret pockets for storage, tough Nylon materail for everyday - extreme wear and tear, as well as Compartments for specialty storage (including MacBooks up to 17", Skateboards, Skateboard repair tools, writing materials, etc.). Check out the video below of InCase/ Nike Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez as he explains further everything that went into the design and manufacturing of his Signature Bag. These won't last long so if you see it and like it, I suggest you come thru. We hope to see everyone soon and Until We Speak Again PEACCE.

InCase Paul Rodriguez Collection Overnight Bag with Conversion Kit (Can Be Worn as a BackPack/ BookBag or Over The Shoulder)

InCase Paul Rodriguez Collection Skate Bag

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Music Monday: Fly.Union featuring Rashaad - Gold Chain

Fly Union - "Gold Chain" (On Credit) from Eighty81 on Vimeo.
Heard this while Blog Rolling and Loved It. Not alot of information is available on Fly Union from my research but their MySpace link is available below.

Fly Union MySpace Page

Fly Union Daily Blog

Let us know what you think and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Air Yeezy Colorway: GayFish (Not To Be Released)

For those who thought the GayFish situation (Southpark: Kanye West/ GayFish Episode) was over better think again, as pictures started surfacing Thursday of the Nike Air Yeezy in the GayFish colorway. Though its a joke, it may have gone a little to far, but these a pretty dope, The Rainbow is back (No HOMO). Let us know what you think and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Complete Review: Spring Board 2009: Presented By Sneak Peek - Memphis x Strange Fruit Productions 1 Week Later

So it has been a complete week now and people are still talking about this event. People that were here want to know "What's Next"?, People who weren't here can't quite understand exactly what went down (I have heard questions like this) "How in the world did yall fit that many people in this place"? (and my personal favorite) "How do I find out about the next event so I don't miss out anymore"? All of that will be covered in the next couple paragraphs. Truth be told, everyone up here (Sneak Peek, Strange Fruit, and Red Bull) are past it, we have actually been planning the next event before the 1st (Spring Board 2009) began, and now we are on the 3rd (You better catch up).

Spring Board 2009: Presented By Sneak Peek - Memphis x Strange Fruit Productions
Deck Design Contest Winner: Darlene Newman - Board/Art Name: "Hard Core"

What started out as a oppurtunity for us to display art in a totally different way then most people are used to seeing, turned into not only a art exhibition, but also a networking social (as movers and shakers in Memphis and from elsewhere exchanged busines cards and Blackberry Pins all evening), a free-style dance contest (totally random freestyle battle between the checkout counter and DJ Booth that saw everything from Breaking to Jooking), a introduction of Sneak Peek for the 1st time to many guests from not only Memphis, but Atlanta, Washington D.C, Chicago, and Washington (State), and a building block for the skate community all over the city.

Many people left saying the same thing "I have never seen anything like this in Memphis" and it showed as most of the crowd stayed from the moment the show opened (6:00PM) until we finally closed the Iron Gate (12:08AM). Spring Board 2009 was not only treat for those in attendence as guest but also for all involved in making Spring Board 2009 a successful event.

Sneak Peek and Strange Fruit Productions would like to personally THANK everyone involved and in attendance at Spring Board 2009, the plan was executed to a "T" which allowed everyone to enjoy what happened. I'm against doing this because someone always gets ignored but "Blame It On My Head and Not My Heart", we would like to specifically thank the following people. All 21 Artist who all completed a deck (skateboard) or two for the show, the entire staff from Red Bull Energy Drink that not only supported the show but also came through to enjoy the festivities, RaRa, Corey Chism, Rico, Chris Landers, Killa Cam, Jason Mc., Chris Wong, Kirby, The Boss Lady, Aaron, Josh and the C.B.S Family, the Memphis Flyer, and anyone I forgot (I Love Yall All).

SO WHAT'S NEXT? WEARHouse Party will be held May 23, 2009, more details will come as it gets closer but it will be Spring Board 2009 + Much, Much, Much MORE.

I have tried to add as many photos without overloading the Blog, but 2 of my Favorite Loyals (Chris Wong and Kirby) took some great shots and loaded them to Slideshows, they can be found by following the links below.

Kirby's Pics:

Wong's Pics:

Okay this will probably be the last you hear about Spring Board 2009 . . . . . . . . at least from Sneak Peek, like I said earlier I'm past it (Get Better, Get Bigger, Go Farther, Go Harder, and If Not, Then Why Bother: Jay-Z) . . . . . . . WHAT's NEXT BECAUSE IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER. WE LOVE YALL ALL AND UNTIL WE SPEAK AGAIN PEACE.

Not Just Sneakers and T-Shirts

As we all run through Spring and the Summer months roll around, Sneak Peek knows those nights out will become much more frequent. No matter what venue your attending Sneak Peek got you covered, with the dope t-shirts and sneakers (as always), but also a complete collection of short and long sleeve light weight button ups that are equally as nice. Sizes Medium thru Double Extra Large (2XL) are available in most styles and prices vary depending on the Brand, Styling, and Material. Stop by today to pick yours up and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All Fuct Up: New Arrivals at Sneak Peek - Fuct Spring 2009 Collection

Imagine the conversations started off of these shirts, just trying to pronounce it properly is an adventure. It's Fuct (F-U-C-T, did that help, probably not). Not only are the shirts eye-catching because of the name but the designs are dope as well. If your looking for something totally different to make you stand out, FUCT is it and with some pretty good prices it won't last long. Enjoy the pics, come check it out in person, and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Music Monday: Rick Ross featuring Kanye West, T. Pain, and Lil Wayne - Maybach Music 2

Location: The Offices of Sneak Peek - Memphis
Listening To: Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross - Heaven

Let's Just Say I Have Friends In High Places and We All Love Him for This Banger he passed on last week. Whenever I get a Loyal in the store that I know loves music, I like to trickle some shit out of the speakers I know they have never heard, when Corey Chism (owner of Psycho Handsome - stopped by, I let this out and he made the "I just smelled the nasiest shit in the world face" and then continued to remain still (just bobbing his head to the beat) for the remaining 4:58 the song played. The entry catches the listerner off guard a bit because it plays like a Movie Theme, making it all that better, but when the artists (Rick Ross, Kanye West, T.Pain, Lil Wayne) start its gets plain crazy (I'm really hoping my Dad (Jay-Z) jumps on the Remix). This song will be on the upcoming Rick Ross - Deeper Then Rap Album due out next week - GO BUY THE ALBUM, IT SOUNDS AS THOUGH HE HAS WORKED EXTREMELY HARD ON THIS ALBUM. I hope yall enjoy and please feel free to comment. Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Oh Please Believe It's Coming. We Had Alot of Work to Attend to Today. But The Pics Are A Little Teaser. Until We Speak Again PEACE


Thursday, April 9, 2009

10 Deep Has Arrived

Enough Said

Chi-Town State of Mind (In Memphis): Event Review - ReccessISon Tuesday at Rumba Room

So on Tuesday the entire Sneak Peek Family took the cheapest and Fastest trip to Chicago in Travel History. We hopped in Iceberg (The Cadillac) and traveled down Union Avenue to S. Main arriving at the Rumba Room in less then 5 minutes. What looked on the outside as just another night at another night club in Memphis, ended up being a ball for everyone in attendence. Never before (In My 2.5 years in Memphis) has TRUE HIP-HOP been so alive in the city of Memphis. When you combine GREAT DJ's (Devin Steel, DJ Houston, and Mic T - All of the K97 family), a GREAT BAR SELECTION (Which we can all attest to), a A-List crowd (people who are actually doing stuff in Memphis, thats how I judge a crowd), and a Banging Playlist (includding Kid Cudi, Jay-Z (My Dad), Mobb Deep, Kardinal Official, Aaliyah, Ryan Leslie, etc.); this adds up to a SNEAK PEEK Certified Event. I remember thinking "When did I get to Chicago, cause this can't be Memphis", which is the reason for my mention of the great city of Chicago above. But I was in Memphis, and I really realized that HIP-HOP is ALIVE in Memphis and it lives at Sneak Peek and in events like ReccessISon Tuesday. It will grow and the city will catch on, why not be a part of it on the front end, there is enough room on the train for all of us (and I do mean everyone). Where else can Chi-Town Steppers, Jookers, and Someone (Me) who doesn't know how to dance share a dance floor with no altercations.................... Only at ReccessISon Tuesday. Join Us (Event Info Below):

Event Info:
Start Time: Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 1:00am
Location: The Rumba Room 303-305 S. Main (Downtown Memphis)
Street: 303-305 S. Main (Next Door To Pearls Oyster)
City/Town: Memphis, TN

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Music Monday: Devin The Dude featuring Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000 - What A Job

Not sure what album this is on or whether it has been released yet only because I have never truly been a fan of Devin The Dude (never even heard a single song of his prior to Sunday). Anywho, this is a banger and has me going nuts on the net trying to get more info. With guest apperences by Hip Hop legends Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000 this has quickly become one of my favorites (still not topping anything by Drake or Magnificient by Rick Ross). Side Note: Outkast memebers Andre 3000 and Big Boi are back in the lab working on another album and with the lines they have been dropping on other peoples albums this will be another classic (Source: Big Sue - K97FM) Listen and let us know what you think. Until We Speak Again PEACE

Elite Entertainment and K97: Present RecessISon Tuesday @ the Rumba Room

Very rarely do we promote other people's events in the city; not because we don't attend them (We Support Everyone, and I DO MEAN Everyone), but because often they DO NOT promote the same lifestyle and demographic that we try to reach. So you know if Sneak Peek post an event its something serious. With that said we would like to invite everyone to take part in a NEW event being put on by Devin Steel, Mic T, and DJ Houston (All of the K97 Family). It will be held at the Rumba Room located at 303-305 S. Main Street beginning Tuesday April 7, 2009 and it's FREE for everyone before 8PM, Ladies before 10PM. TRUE Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae, and Soul are promised by the DJ's (right Devin?). The only way the TRUE HIP-HOP CULTURE can grow in the city of Memphis is if WE ALL support events like this and stores like Sneak Peek. Hope to see you all there and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Event Info:
Start Time: Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 1:00am
Location: The Rumba Room 303-305 S. Main (Downtown Memphis)
Street: 303-305 S. Main (Next Door To Pearls Oyster)
City/Town: Memphis, TN

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nike Air Yeezy: Close Up - April 4, 2009

Well, I'm not really sure how to start this off. For starters I would like to say FUCK ..... (THAT PARTICULAR PLACE). Moving on (well maybe not, I will probably expand upon this at a later date, I wouldn't want to say anything out of anger). Finally got my hands on them and they lived up to the HYPE. Nicely designed, very rare features, and extra comfy. Overall I would give it a 9 out of 10 (only knock being the process of getting them). Anywho, if you missed out we still have a Size 11 and 14 in stock, and if neither of those fit you might want to try to grab the next release or the Nike Air RT1 High Top "The Un-Yeezy). Here are a couple pics for those of you who missed out and enjoy your Saturday. Until we speak again PEACE.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Funnies: Thanks Chris Wong

I told yall, I visit everyone's Blogs, MySpace, and Facebook Pages. Not to spy on you all (Really, I just want to know all of our Loyals are doing okay). Found this while visiting one of our favorite Loyals (Sneak Peek's name for regular customers) Chris Wong on Facebook. Found it rather hilarious and thought I would share it with everyone to make Friday a little easier as the day comes to a close. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.


First and foremost I wanna show love to C.O.C.A Style Lifestyle Blog. Everyone always wants to know what blogs I'm reading daily (no need to wonder anymore, as C.O.C.A Style is one of my favorites: Check my girl B. Jones out @ ). Secondly I wanna show love to Solemates....Chicago, I don't know these folks personally, but truthfully when I look at their store and what Brian and Autumn (D-Win, Najee, Ashley, etc.) have created in the city of Chicago, it's truly inspiring and something that I pray me, The Boss Lady, and the rest of the Sneak Peek team (RaRa, Jade, Chris, etc.) can create in Memphis. Check this 1st installation of C.O.C.A TV, highlighting the Chicago Boutique and a event held to commemorate their feature in GIANT Magazine. Keep Up The Good Work and I Can't Wait For Our Roadtrip to Chicago to visit the spot. Enjoy Everyone and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Are They Worth It?

What Did You Think We Were Gonna Say? HELL THE F@CK YEAH IT'S WORTH IT................................................................................................................... and Until We Speak Again PEACE.


So the Boss Lady and I came up with this dope ass idea to have 25 artist from various creative backgrounds take their work off the canvas and instead put it on some Skate Board Decks. Who the hell would have known the event would be this BIG. People are calling daily for information, and coming from everywhere to see what Strange Fruit and Sneak Peek is cooking up. NOTHING BUT THAT GOOD SHIT (NOT LITERALLY, BUT LITERALLY). Trust me YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS. So whether your coming to check out the Art, or visiting to find out what all this buzz about Sneak Peek is, WE WELCOME YOU. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED AS THE EVENT GETS CLOSER, SO STAY TUNED TO FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, AND THIS BLOG. WE HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE (WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND .........................) AND Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Spring Board 2009: Artist Reception and Voting
Where: Sneak Peek: 652 Marshall Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 (call 901-605-8853 For Directions)
When: Friday April 10, 2009
Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Nike SB's Available Now @ Sneak Peek - Memphis

Just To Show A Few, There Are Many More Available
Sneak Peek (652 Marshall Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38103)
WE DO TAKE PHONE ORDERS (901-605-8853)

Nike Dunk High Pro SB "Mr. Todd Bratrud"

Nike Dunk Mid Pro Premium SB "WorkWear"

Nike Blazer Premium SB