Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Video: Coldest Winter - Kanye West

Kanye West’s latest video, Coldest Winter, has begun to saturate the blogoshpere. You might have caught the video already but if not, have a look. 808s and Hearbreak received mixed reviews but regardless of your feeling towards “Coldest Winter,” the video deftly illuminates the song. Commend 'Ye for picking the right people but also extend your props to director, Nabil, as he was the one who visualized the song. Peep more of Nabil's work here and let us know what you think in the comments.

- Bert Geyer

Fli Pelican Presents FLI TV: Season 2 Episode 1

Fli TV Season 2: The Pelicans x Paper Planes from Nino Fli Pelican on Vimeo.

We Have Gotten Alot Of Emails, Facebook Messages, Tweets, etc. Wondering Whats Good With Some New Fli Pelican Gear. Well Straight From The Mouth Of The Boss Of The Atlanta Based Streetwear Brand Nino "It's On The Way In A Couple Weeks". Like Me, I'm Sure Your Wondering Whats The Hold Up. Well The Pelicans Have Embarked On A Very Serious Business Move Which I Myself Think Is Amazing, They Have (or Are In The Process) Of Opening Their Atlanta Showroom. Huge Accomplishment. You Probably Would Have Had To Hustle Yourself, Selling Your Stuff On The Streets, Out Of Your House, or The Trunk Of Your Car To Understand The Magnitude Of This Move But Never The Less Big Ups To The Homies Of Fli Pelican. They Put This Little (6 Minute 3 Second) Video Together To Let Us Know Whats Been Going On. New Arrivals From Fli Pelican Will Be Coming To Sneak Peek Soon. Stay Tuned To The Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. For Updates. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Arrival: Play Cloths Spring 2010 Collection Delivery 1 - Arrives 02-24-2010

If The Question Is "Who Is Coming With That Heat In Streetwear", The Answer Will Definitely Include "Play Cloths". Yes The Clothing Line From One Of Hip Hop's Biggest Duos The Clipse Will Drop At Sneak Peek 02-24-2010 With A Nice Collection Of Tees, Cut & Sew Pieces, and Accessories. I Don't Think It Really Needs To Be Said But Because People Still End Up Mad When Something They Wanted Is Gone I Feel Need To Warn You All. It Won't Last Long So Get Down Here Tomorrow For The Best Selection. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

On The Daily: 02-21-2010 - "Watch Ya Step"

Another Sneak Peek From The Folks Over At "On The Daily" Which Was Posted Sunday February 21, 2010 and I Thought Yall Might Like It. The Official Release of The Online Comic Strip Is Friday February 26, 2010 At Chicago Streetwear Boutique Succezz . If You Happen To Be In The Chicago Area This Weekend Make Sure You Check It Out. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

"On The Daily" Comic - Facebook Fan Page (Click Here To Check Out The Link)

"On The Daily" Comic - Daily Blog (Click Here To Check Out The Link)

Endorsement: Denim Debate

A new website went live this morning. This site, Denim Debate, caters to those with an affinity for denim. The site’s blog structure allows for a user-friendly alternative to navigating the infinite annals of denim forums. Denim Debate’s mission is to provide its readers with multiple primary accounts of jeans as they are worn and aged. And judging from the fashionably esteemed stable of “denim testers” or contributors that the site has assembled, it will fulfill its mission quite well. So, if you’re into denim, head over there and poke around. You might find the perfect pair.

Denim Debate

- Bert Geyer

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Arrivals: Nike Air Jordan 8 Fusions (Black/Aqua)

I Can't Lie, I'm Not Much Of A Fan Of The Nike/ Air Jordan Fusion Collection But I Have Seen A Couple That Are Not Bad. The 4 Fusions (All Colorways, When They Were Still Doing The Air Max Soles) and The 13 Fusions (White/Black/Red) Were Both Dope Collabos But Prior To These (Air Jordan 8 Fusion) None Really Grabbed My Attention. I Think I'm Partial To These Because They Were Some Of My Favorite Before They Were Combined With The Classic Air Force One Sole. The Colorway Is Dope, Some Of The Curves On The Shoe Were Changed To Allow The Seamless Fit With The Air Force One Sole, But Nothing Much Has Changed From The Original. Come By and Check Yours Out Today. I Think Seeing Them In Person Is A Little Different Then The Pics.

Sneak Peek Also Has Plenty That Match Perfectly With The Nike Air Jordan 8 Fusions Including Some New Arrivals From The Hundreds, Crooks & Castles, and Enstru-Men-Tal Clothing. Come By and Pick Yours Up Before Its To Late. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Op-ed: Panhandling Downtown

125 N. Main St.

The other day, after some hours of slothing around my apartment, I decided to go for a walk. I figured I might as well get some fresh air, people watch, and observe some of Memphis’ downtown architecture—a personal interest of mine. As I ambled across Adams Ave. and gazed reverently at the fenestration adorning the building at 125 N. Main, I realized I now had a companion in tow. My next stop was in front of the sculpture constructed in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As I read “I Have Been To The Mountaintop,” I kept a wary eye towards the woman approaching me and, as I expected, she came up to me and introduced herself. She seemed to be homeless and after her introductory formalities, she asked for money or help getting a meal. My feeble response was “Sorry, I have no cash.” After hearing my response, she continued her brisk pace north with a sighing grumble of “Oh, Lord.” The interaction was harmless.

I Have Been To The Mountaintop sculpture

Anecdotes such as this are common downtown. Readily accessible pedestrians and an influx of money into the downtown core create a panhandler friendly environment. This trend is frightening to some as begging is an invasive practice. Yet, panhandling—while not illustrious itself—is indirectly connected to the allure of downtown. The art galleries of South Main, boisterous Beale St., and Auto Zone Park are all interwoven with panhandling. Every neighborhood is an ecosystem. Therefore all aspects of downtown are interconnected even if their associations are indirect. And as the world continues to shudder under humanity’s footprint, we continue to learn that ecosystems are interacting complexities compiled upon complexities that we are unable to fully comprehend. Thus, a simple shock to any ecosystem portends ominous aftershocks.

The downtown ecosystem has prospered in the past few years and begun to bloom because of the financial nourishment it has received. These blossoms are not contained compartments free of interaction from the rest of downtown. While recent investments have fertilized the germination of downtown’s new spunk, the soil that holds downtown’s roots has been here much longer. In order to yield the downtown we all care to see, this soil must be arduously tilled and nourished. Spot weeding and pesticides won’t do the trick.

Panhandling is an organic function of the state of the downtown. It is as much a part of downtown as The Peabody. Forbidding panhandling is a quick fix. It will not address the clandestine social dynamics that produce beggars. It will only fortify the social polarizations of black vs. white and rich vs. poor that currently devastate downtown and greater Memphis. For example, as one enters Peabody Place Mall they are greeted with a dismissive sign. The sign lists a dress and behavioral code that forbids a myriad of actions and garments including sideways or backwards hats and do-rags. I infer that the ownership posts this sign to try and keep trouble out of their facility but instead it is feeding a trouble that is far worse. It is bolstering the aforementioned polarizations with an extra helping of young vs. old. It is understandable that those who own Peabody Place desire a safe atmosphere but latching on to trivial surface indicators as a means of protection will not address the dangers that are present downtown. In the same thread, it is understandable why many care to banish beggars but this objective will also shank wide of the core issue. Panhandling is the visible tip of an iceberg of poverty and homelessness. Even if we lop off the tip, two-thirds of the iceberg remains submerged and parasitic. It is only through the consistent grind of non-profits, charities, and Memphis’ overall civil society that we may thaw the iceberg and address the actual issue that is far greater than panhandling.

Peabody Place Sign

Two ordinances are currently making their rounds through downtown circles. One aims to outlaw panhandling and the other to outlaw single-container alcohol sales. If passed, these ordnances will not help downtown but hurt it just as an unclean wound festers under a band-aid. They may make downtown appear less dangerous but they will not battle any danger. They will further polarize the downtown community.

Downtown is the safest precinct in Memphis. That distinction is a credit to the community that lives here and the laws that govern it. Downtown does, however, possess blight such as vacant buildings and vagrants that make it appear unsafe. This blight is benign and will slowly disappear as downtown continues to prosper. Until the downtown ecosystem manifests our positive efforts, we must let the benign be benign. As for what is malignant, there are already laws that check such behaviors as “aggressive panhandling”—a term defined in the ordinance that seems as a circumlocution for attempted robbery.

As for single-container alcohol sales, there is a positive correlation between said sales and public drunkenness. But public intoxication is no stranger to downtown—witness any night on Beale Street. The negative connotation of single-containers stems from the proverbial man drinking on the corner and acting a fool. But if that man were to have a little money would he not be in some downtown bar acting a fool as many “upstanding citizens” do? Would he also not have a place to go after his consumption so that he may privatize his drunkenness? Loitering on a corner and drunkenly harassing folks is unacceptable and, as with robbery, we already have laws for that. Therefore abolishing single-container sales glances off the central issue of addressing poverty and homelessness downtown. And after all, some people do just want to fork over a dollar and some change to sip a single beer and not cause any trouble.

These ordinances aren’t abominations and nor are their architects. I read the ordinances as a sincere desire to better downtown Memphis. I, however, think their strategy is off. Two shocks to the downtown ecosystem will not reverse its social undercurrents. Furthermore, whether intended or not, they will send malignant tremors that will widen the already present cracks that separate downtown’s social groups. To fight blight in downtown, we must put our collaborative work into the steady efforts that combat poverty and homelessness. Our efforts will not manifest immediately for they must pervade and root within this ecosystem. Yet, as it takes hold there will be no dirty laundry or dust swept under the rug. There will be less panhandlers and drunks, not because they are locked up at 201 Poplar siphoning taxpayer dollars but because our community has less poverty. We must see the big picture.

- Bert Geyer

Photos courtesy of Anson Jeng

Panhandling Ordinance

Single-container Ordinance

Project 901 x Sneak Peek - Memphis Present Skewby and DJ Charlie White Performing Live Tonight At Stop 345 The Spring Break Prequel Party

Here Is All The Information You Need:

Project 901 x Sneak Peek - Memphis Presents: Live Performance by: Skewby
-The Spring Break "Prequel" Party.-

-Location Stop 345 (345 Madison, Ave)

-$5.00 For ladies, $10.00 for fellas.

-18 to enter 21 to drank

-Door opens @ 10pm

-Drink specials all night long

-Feat a Live Performance by: Skewby (Fresh off the Lil Wayne "Farewell" Tour)

Event DJ: DJ Charlie White

This is an event you don't want to miss!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Event Re-Cap: A Evening With Rev. Run By Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald

Thursday February 18 the University of Memphis BSA (Black Student Association) invited one of the pioneers of hip-hop and ordained minister, Rev. Run to speak to the students for Black History Month. Trading in his Gold Chain, Adidas, and Gazelles for a black pinstripe suit and air-force one’s, Rev. Run spoke about many topics such as family, the state of hip-hop and even on the rumored secret society “ILLUMINATI”. With a hit TV reality show on MTV, and a new book entitled “Take Back your Family”, Rev Run has showed the transition of a rapper to a family man.

“You have to be about passion and not position.” Rev. Run said to the students from University of Memphis. “For me it was about wanting to get on the turntables and DJ, wanting to rap and if that’s in your heart the money and fame will happen.”
Born in Hollis Queens N.Y., Rev talked about his beginnings in the rap game and his brother and founder of Def Jam Russell Simmons beginnings in promoting rappers such as Grandmaster Flash and Kurtis Blow. Rev Run spent time Deejaying for Kurtis Blow and his name became the “Young Kurtis Blow”. Today, Rev. Run says he’s inspired by the youth; with his son Diggy’s new flourishing rap career and the success of his daughters Angela and Vanessa’s clothing line ‘Pastry’ Run says the youth of today are more business savvy then when he was growing up. “Hip-Hop is a bigger thing now,” Run said. “You hear Jay-Z say ‘I don’t get dropped, I drop the label’, you watch Diddy and u watch the Super Bowl and it opens up with a Jay-Z record. It’s pretty amazing to me how the youth is so business wise.”

Rev. Run received a loud applause when he said his favorite rapper was Jay-Z. But, applause soon turned to silence when the question was presented about the industry being a part of a Secret ‘Cult’. A few members in the audience yelled out “Illuminati” as Rev. Run was getting ready to answer the question. Rev. Run did not go into detail about the secret ‘cult’ and said that he’s never heard of it. However, he defended rapper/ mogul Jay-Z’s religious beliefs. “I don’t know about this secret organization, this is new to me, but I heard Jay-Z say on hot 97 that ‘if you think I’m apart of a cult, you’re a fool’. He said “Jay-Z is not apart of any secret organization and believes in God.”

Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald

The Above Reflection On Rev. Run's Visit To The University Of Memphis Was Written By Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald

To Contact Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald Please Visit One Of The Following: (Clickable Links Below)

Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald On Facebook (Click Here For Link To Jocelyn's Facebook Page)

Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald On Twitter (Click Here For Link To Jocelyn's Twitter Page)

Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald On MySpace (Click Here For Link To Jocelyn's MySpace Page)

I Would Like To Introduce To You All The Newest Member Of The Sneak Peek Fam - Resident Blogger: Bert Guyer

Photo Of Bert (Right) During His First Visit To Sneak Peek

Without Further Adieu I Would Like To Introduce Sneak Peek's Newest Team Member To The Squad, Bert Geyer. Though Others Including Myself Will Still Contribute To Bert Will Be Responsible For The Content Of The Blog On A Regular Basis. Bert Came Into Sneak Peek A Little Less Then A Year Ago As A Shopper and Literally Since Day One Has Been Working For Us (He Modeled Our Clothing In The Diamonds & Pearls Fashion Show). We Started Talking About Him Stepping Into This Position Some Time Ago But Between My Busy Schedule, His Summer Internship At, and His School Schedule We Weren't Really Ever Able To Sit Down and Talk About It. Last Week We Caught Up With One Another, Discussed Some Pricing, and A Pair of Shoes He Highly Coveted (Nike Copper Foamposites) and The Deal Was Done. In The Next Couple Days Bert Will Complete A Blog Telling A Little About Himself But I Decided To Grab A Couple Pics From His Facebook Page To Get You All Familiar With Him. Pretty Dope Dude If I Must Say So Myself and Definitely A Key Piece As We Assemble This Championship Team At Sneak Peek. If You Get A Chance Leave Bert A Couple Comments, Find Him On Twitter, and Visit His Facebook Page Just To Make Him Feel Welcome. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Wanna Get To Know Bert and Stay In Contact With Him: (Visit These Links Below)

Bert Geyer's Facebook Page: (Click Here For Link To Bert Geyer's Facebook Page)

Bert Geyer's Twitter Page: (Click Here For Link To Bert Geyer's Twitter Page)

Bert (Left) Chopping It Up With Pusha T From The Clipse During His Visit To PhatKaps In Nashville, Tennessee.

Bert During One Of His Skiing Exhibitions

Bert Looking Rather Drunk Playing Cards In His Dorm Room

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Arrival: Rocksmith Tokyo Explicit (Parental Advisory) Beanie

The Phones At Sneak Peek Have Been Blowing Up Since This Video Released Featuring Lil Wayne In The Rocksmith Tokyo Explicit (Parental Advisory) Beanie. Well Today Thursday February 18, 2010 - Sneak Peek Will Be Receiving A Limited Selection Of These Very Exclusive Beanies From The Streetwear Giant. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, YOU CAN HOWEVER PAY OVER THE PHONE AND COME PICK YOURS UP. THEY WILL GO FAST VERY FAST SO DON'T SLEEP. ENJOY AND UNTIL WE SPEAK AGAIN PEACE.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sneak Peek x DJ CP The Great Present The "I Love SP" Mixtape (Download The Mixtape Here)

Well Folks Here It Is. The First Of Many Mixtapes From Sneak Peek and DJ CP The Great. This One Is Entitled The "I Love SP" Mixtape. We Originally Scheduled For This Joint To Be Released On Valentines Day But I Got My Little Heart Broken This Weekend So "F@ck It" I Wasn't About To Be Doing Any Work. Anywho This Mixtape Is Still Dope. I Am Very Proud Of How It All Came Together From The Track Listing, To The Mixing, To The Artwork (Provided By Jessica Over At Crucial Creations), and The Crazy Support/ Love We Are Getting In Response. I Told Yall We Were Gonna Put On For The True Hip Hop Lovers In Memphis and This Is Just A Small Step In That Direction. Download It, Listen To It, Share It, LOVE IT, and Of Course Let Us KNow What You Think.

Some Hard Copies Might Be Pressed Up For Promo But For Right Now This Is The Only Way To Get It. Download Link and Import Instructions Can Be Found Below. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

You Can Download The "I Love SP" Mixtape Here: (Copy and Paste Link)

1. Click On The Link To Download The Mixtape "Download It" -

2. Go To iTunes, File, Add To Library, Music>iTunes>iTunesMusic

3. Wait For iTunes To Import

4. Enjoy Sneak Peek x DJ CP The Great Present The "I Love SP' Mixtape.

Download It, Listen To It, Share It With Your Friends/ Family/ Loved Ones/ Enemies/ Co-Workers/ Side Junts/ Jumpoffs/ Etc.

Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Sneak Peek x DJ CP The Great Present The "I Love SP" Mixtape
Track Listing:
1. The Introduction - (Featuring DJ CP The Great)
2. Love Compilation
3. Good Love - Sheek Louch
4. I Just Wanna Love You - Jay-Z
5. Rather Be With You - Wale
6. Country Love - Cee-Lo
7. I Love The Dough - Notorious BIG and Jay-Z
8. Love Again - Skewby
9. I Need Love - LL Cool J
10. Love Lockdown - Kanye West
11. Love of My Life - Common and Eryka Badu
12. One Love - Nas
13. I Wanna Love You - Akon and Snoop Dogg
14. That Ain't Love - Little Brother
15. I Used To Love H.E.R - Common
16. Fall In Love - Slum Village

On The Daily: 02-15-2010 - "Gettin' Grimey"

I Told Yall About This Comic Last Week Sometime But They Released Another Sneak Peek Monday February 15, 2010 and I Thought Yall Might Like It. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

"On The Daily" Comic - Facebook Fan Page (Click Here To Check Out The Link)

"On The Daily" Comic - Daily Blog (Click Here To Check Out The Link)

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Music Monday: Part 1 of Many - CyHi Da Prynce - Stutta

I Know Everyone's Mom Has Told Them Never To Laugh At The Kids On The Short Bus and The Kids Who Stutter, Because Its Not Right, But When You Watch The Beginning Of The Above Video You Really Can't Help It. I Just Came Across This So I Don't Know What Else The Artist Known As CyHi Da Prince Has Released But This Song "Stutta" Is Pretty Dope. I Usually Hate Artist With Gimmicks But Something Tells Me This Dude Really Has A Speech Impediment (After Further Review, I'm Wrong). Its Pretty Dope To Think That He Has Still Been Able To Shine Despite The Circumstances (After Further Review, I'm Wrong He Doesn't Stutter, Check The 3:32 Part Of The Video). Atlanta Based DeeJays DJ Drama and Greg Street Back Dude, One Of My Favorite Stores In The World Standard of Atlanta Back Him, and So Does Kanye West, That Makes Him At Least Worth 1 Listen Right? Check It Out and Let Us Know What You Think. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Arrivals: The Hundreds Spring 2010

Nothing Much To Say But The Hundreds Spring 2010 Collection Has Arrived On The Shelves Of Sneak Peek. Sleep If You Want But I Surely Wouldn't Suggest It. Sneak Peek Will Be Carrying A Complete Collection Of Tees, Crews, Hoodies, Woven Pieces, Headwear, and Accessories From The Hundreds. Come By and Grab Yours Before Its Gone. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Check Out Everything We Have From The Hundreds Spring 2010 Collection Here (Click Here For Link To Photos)

Little Brother- "Left Behind" Artwork and Tracklisting

Yes It Brings A Tear To My Eye To See This But Little Brother Has Released The Track Listing For Their Final Album As A Duo "Left Behind" Which Is Scheduled For Tuesday April 20, 2010. Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte Are Back At It Again Minus Their Long Time Producer 9th Wonder For What I Am Sure Will Be Another Classic LP. Okay, Okay, Okay I Feel Myself Getting A Little Emotional About This So I'm Done. Expect A Full Review Of The Album Once I Get My Hands On It. Moment Of Silence For Little Brother and Real Hip Hop Music. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

01. Curtain Call
02. Table For Two (feat. Jozeemo & Yahzarah)
03. Tigallo For Dolo
04. Revenge (feat. Truck North & Median)
05. So Cold (feat. Chaundon)
06. Second Chances (feat. Bilal & Darien Brockington)
07. Go Off, Go On
08. What We Are (feat. Quiana)
09. After The Party (S1 & Caleb’s “Who Shot JR Ewing” Remix) (feat. Carlitta Drand)
10. Two Step Blues (Zo’s Purple Suit w/ The Matching Gators Remix) (feat. Daren Brockington)
11. Get Enough (Pt. 2) (feat. Khrysis)
12. Before The Night Is Over
13. 24 (feat. Torae)

Drake's New Sprite Commercial

Drake's Sprite "Spark" Commercial from nation on Vimeo.

While We All Anticipate The Debut Full Length Album From Hip Hop Superstar Drake, He Is Busy Making Sure That He Stays On Our Mind In The Meantime/ Between Time. Along With All The Award Show Performances, Features On Young Money and Cash Money Albums, and Magazine Covers It Looks Like Drake Has Decided To Put His Acting Hat Back On In This New Sprite Commercial. I Can't Lie Its Pretty Dope, I Just Wish He Would Finish Up The Damn Album. The Debut LP "Thank Me Later" From The Toronto Rapper Was Due Out On Sunday February 14, 2010 (Weird Huh), But It Looks Like That Has Been Pushed Back After Reports That The Album Has Been Leaked (Ughhhhhhhh). So Now We All Wait Anxiously With Anticipation (Shrugs Shoulders). Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

For More On This Sprite Commercial and Stories From Behind The Scene (Click Here For Link)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Check This Out: On The Daily - Chicago

I Came Across This While Looking Over Some Stuff On Facebook and Proceeded To Spend The Next 30 Minutes Of My Life Looking At Comics. This Is No "Archie and Jugghead" Comic As The Characters From "On The Daily" Look and Act Like Me and Most Of You Who Read This Blog. Each and Every Character Is Fresh, From Head To Toe, In Some Of The Most Recent and Sought After Sneaker and Streetwear Releases, and Some Of The Things Discussed and Situations They Deal With Really Hit Home In A Way Only Sneaker Heads Could Understand . Aside From It Being Very Realistic In Regards To The Situations Dealt With In The Strip, Character Traits, and Wardrobe; "On The Daily" Is Extremely Well Designed and Drawn By The Artist Known As Solo RM. "On The Daily" Is A Recent Find For Me Which Means That I Still Have Much Research To Do But Please Believe When I Do Find Out More About It I Will Let It Be Known To The Masses. From The Looks Of Their Facebook Fan Page It Appears They Are Doing A Joint Venture With The Homies At Jugrnaut (One Of My Favorite Chicago Boutiques), Which Means That More Information About "On The Daily" Isn't Far Away. Anyway, Check Out The Comic, Visit Their Blog and Facebook Fan Page, and Let Us Know What You Think. Until We Speak Again PEACE.

"On The Daily" Comic - Facebook Fan Page (Click Here To Check Out The Link)

"On The Daily" Comic - Daily Blog (Click Here To Check Out The Link)

New Music Monday (On Thursday): Erkyah Badu and ?uestLove - Window Seat

What's Wrong With The World? Personally I Believe It Is Starving For Some Half Decent Music To Ease The Pain. This Track From Ms. Badu and ?uestLove (Of The Roots) Is A Step In The Right Direction. No It Won't Solve All The Issues Facing Society (Poverty, Hunger, Obesity, Under Educated People, Racism, Violence, Greed, etc) But At Least We Don't Have To Think About Them For 4 Minutes and 54 Seconds. This Track Is From The Upcoming Erykah Badu LP "New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)" Due To Drop March 30, 2010.
Erykah Badu - Window Seat by

Check It Out and Let Us Know What You Think. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Music Monday (On Wednesday): B.O.B Featuring Asher Roth - F@ck The Money

I Have Heard Nothing But Great Things About This New Mixtape From Georgia Recording Artist B.O.B. Supposedly He Was Even In Memphis (Round One Restaurant) To Promote It Recently, But I Guess The Local Radio Stations Were Too Busy Playing Another Gucci Mane Track To Mention It. I Have Been Busy In Transition and Haven't Had A Chance To Completely Listen To The Full Mixtape Yet, But I Heard This Track Featuring Asher Roth and Had To Share Immediately. If "F@ck The Money" Is Any Sample To What the Rest Of The Mixtape Sounds Like, Then Listeners Are In For A Treat. "F@ck The Money" Also Confirms The Return Of Kanye West To Music Behind The Sound Boards ("F@ck The Money" Is Produced By Kanye West) , Not That He Left or Anything But We Haven't Heard Much New From The Chicago Bred Artist/ Producer Since Interrupting Taylor Swift During 2009's VMA's. I Encourage Everyone To Take A Few Minutes and Listen To B.O.B Featuring Asher Roth - "F@ck The Money". If You Feeling That Go Ahead and Download The Mixtape From The Link Below, From What I Am Hearing It's Good Music. Anywho, Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

B.O.B Featuring Asher Roth - "F@ck The Money" (Click Here For Link To Listen or Download)

B.O.B - May 25th Mixtape (Click Here To Download)

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Arrival: The Hundreds

I Guess I Could Probably Bore You All To Death Telling You All The History Behind The Hundreds, But I Would Rather Just Let You All Know That Sneak Peek Has Finally Become An Authorized Hundreds Dealer After Many Months Of Anticipation. Yesterday We Received Some Pretty Dope Gear From The Streetwear Giant, and In The Next Couple Weeks There Is Plenty More To Come. Whenever We Were Able To Pick Up Some Of The Hundreds On Consignment It Was Always Gone Within 24-48 Hours and I Really Don't Think This Will Be Any Different As This Is Something The Loyals Have Been Waiting On For Some Time Now. From The Hundreds We Have A Healthy Selection Of Tees, Headwear, Wovens, and Accesories For Your Picking. Come By The Store Today Or Call (901)605-8853 To Place Your Phone Order. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Don't Know Who or What The Hundreds Is? Check Out This Little Story We Posted Black Friday November 27,2009 and See What The Hype Is All About. (Click Here For Link)

Well I Gotta Get Back To Work and See What Else My B!tch A$s Partner Inspector Gadget Has F@cked Up. What I Realized Today Is That He Will Never Get It, NEVER. So From Me To Him, Do Some Real Work Around Here Instead Of Just Talking About It. I'm Sure I'm Gonna Get In Trouble For This.

UDig Jookin' Academy x Sneak Peek Present Urban Motion - Review

All Photos Provided By: Intisar Abioto

Saturday January 30, 2010 I Walked Out Of 639 Marshall Avenue Feeling Absolutely Amazing For I Had Just Witnessed Some Of Memphis' Best Jookers Doing Their Thing In A Fun, Safe, Inviting, and Educational Environment. No I Don't Dance, But I Blended In Amongst The Crowd As The DeeJay Spent Deep Bass Driven Hip Hop Music and The Guest Moved and Contorted Their Bodies In Positions That Hurt Me Just To Think About. Their Wasn't An Angry Face In The Room As The Dancers Showed Their Level Of Expertise Of The Memphis Brand Of Dancing Known As "Jooking". Some Were Better Then Others, As This Was Made Known Through The Battles Set Up By The President/ Founder Of UDig Jookin' Academy Tarrick Moore. Each Dancer Was Given 2-3 Minutes To Show Their Stuff Against Each Other With A Winner Picked At The End Of Each Round Based Off Of Crowd Applause. To Be Honest I Don't Really Think The Dancers Really Cared About Who Won As After They Battled They Went Back To Socializing With Those They Were In Competition With. The Most Intriguing Part Of The Night Came From Marshall Arts Gallery Manager Anthony Lee and A Unknown Musician. The Two With African Drums In Tote Taught A History Lesson To All In Attendance, Connecting The Dots Between The Music and Dance From The MotherLand and What We Were All Their Witnessing With "Jooking". I Ended That Night With A Smile On My Face, For I Had Just Witnessed The City Of Memphis and All Of Its Beauty, I Witnessed The Side Of Memphis Everyone Needs To See, I Witnessed The Side Of Memphis That The News Stations Won't Report, I Witnessed The Side Of Memphis That The Newspapers Won't Write About, I, With My Own Eyes Witnessed The Side Of Memphis That Could Change This City For The Good.

If You Don't Know Who Tarrick Moore Is Or Have Never Heard Of The UDig Jookin' Academy I Suggest You Get Familiar. They, Along With Sneak Peek and Other Like Minded Organizations and Businesses, Are The New Memphis. We Are Here To Change This City and Refuse To Stop Doing What We Are Doing Until The Task Is Done.

For More Information On UDig Jookin' Academy: (Visit The Links Below)

Tarrick Moore: Founder Of UDig Jookin' Academy (Click Here For Link)

UDig Jookin' Academy: (Click Here For Link)

Photo Slideshow Provided By: Intisar Abioto

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kobe x Bruce Lee: Nike Zoom Kobe V

It Has Taken Me Up Until Now To Fully Appreciate The Talent That Is Mr. Kobe Bryant. I Will Admit That The Comparisons To The Great Michael Jordan Always Threw Me Off As I Believed It Was Way To Early For The Young Superstar To Fill Up Those Enormous Shoes Left By The 6' 6" Shooting Guard From North Carolina . What I Don't Think People Realize Is That Not Only Did Mr. Jordan Change The Game Of Basketball, But He Also Completed The Launch Of Streetwear As A Mainstream Category In The Fashion World. Jordan and Nike Went Against The Grain Creating A Shoe That Not Only Was Functional On The Basketball Court But That Was Also A Great Accessory To The Everyday Clothing Being Worn In The Urban Community. The Design Of Nike Air Jordans In Addition To The Colors That The Shoes Were Offered In Set The Fashion and Sneaker World On Fire, Making It Possible For Stores Like Sneak Peek To Exist.

In Certain Instances I Feel That Kobe Has Reached Mr. Jordan's Level Of Supremacy In The Game Of Basketball But He Is Far Far Far From Duplicating What the Global Icon Did As A Businessman With Nike, Gatorade, McDonald's, Wheaties, etc. This Is Where I Really Believe The Jordan Legacy Can Never Be Touched (Except For By Tiger Woods). There Is No Way That Another Michael Jordan Will Ever Exist As Both The Greatest Basketball Player and The Greatest Salesman/ Endorser. This Is By No Fault Of Their Own But The Growth Of The Internet and Networks Dedicated To Athletics Like Sportscenter Has Made Professional Athletes Human. We See That They Make Mistakes, We See They Have Bad Games, We See That They Behave Badly At Times, Etc. I Think This Was Part Of The Fascination With Jordan, He Seemed To Be Great At Everything He Did, Never Really Having A Hiccup On His Resume.

10 Years Ago Kobe Seemed On The Road To Not Only Match Jordan's Superstardom But Surpass It Because Of His Youth (Check The Adidas Commercial Below).

Jordan Made It Possible For Sneaker Companies, Restaurant Chains, etc. To Put Major Dollars Behind These Athletes, Creating Personalized Advertising Campaigns Displaying The Athlete and The Products They Endorsed. That All Came To A Stop For Kobe In 2003 After Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A 19 Year Old Woman In Eagle, Colorado. The Trail Never Made It To Court (They Settled A Civil Lawsuit and The Case Was Later Dropped) But Kobe's Reputation Was Tarnished, At Least As A Advertising Giant. For The Next 4-5 Years Kobe Seemed To Go Into Hiding, Doing Little To No Work For Nike, Sprite, McDonalds, Instead Concentrating On Basketball. Kobe Returned To Basketball Supremacy Winning The NBA's Most Value Player Honor For The 2007-2008 Season and Winning His Fourth NBA Championship In 2009.

Last Year Nike Began To Run TV Advertising Featuring Kobe As A Puppet (No Pun Intended) Along With Fellow NBA Superstar LeBron James.

Once Again Focusing Attention On The Products Worn By The Great Basketball Player. While It Took Some Time and Some Tough Lessons It Would Seem That Kobe Has Made A Complete Turn Around and Is Now The Lovable Athlete We All Got To Know In The Late 90's and Early 2000's. The Print Advertisement Shown Above (For The Nike Zoom Kobe V) Would Really Mark Kobe's Complete Return For Nike As It Is Not Only Displays His Likeness But It Is Actual Photography Of Kobe and Not A Puppet. The Ads Are Apart of Kobe's Tribute To Deceased Martial Arts Fighter Bruce Lee. The Colorway and "Four Scratch Emblem" Displayed On This Version Of The Kobe V Are Modeled After The Jumpsuit Worn By Lee During His Fight Scene Featuring Laker Great Kareem Abdul Jabbar and A Wound Lee Suffered During A Fight Scene With The Lead Villain.

Big Ups To Kobe For Making This Huge Comeback. It Really Says A Lot About Him As A Person and A Basketball Player That He Was Able To Accomplish All He Has Despite The Circumstances. These Are No Jordans and Don't Cross Any Barriers Off The Court But Its A Step In The Right Direction. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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