Thursday, August 14, 2008

Photo of The Week: 08/10/2008 - 08/16/2008

My imagination is inspired by so many things: Music, Art, Fashion, Food, Smell, etc. Every now and then I run across things that stick so deep in me that I can not forget them. Most of the time its not about how good they look but more about how different they were, what I was going through at the time I saw it, or what the first thing I thought when I saw it. You remember the old saying "A pictures is worth a thousand words", well I actually believe that. The photo of the week is meant to strike up conversation, make you think, make you mad, make you sad, make you smile, make you reminisce (I just went to to spell that), or make you imagine.I will always give my thoughts on the photo and I encourage all to feel free to leave comments, questions, or concerns about these photos and please understand that these are not meant to offend anyone in anyway. The photo will be updated every Sunday and will run through the following Saturday. I hope you all can enjoy. Until next time PEACE

This weeks photo: 08/10/2008 - 08/16/2008
Discovered By: Me
Photographed By: Unknown
Thoughts: I think the photo is self explanatory, though I am not a fan of photoshopped Artwork all the time this one stuck with me because of the colors used, the placement of all the elements, and it is great for getting a point across. If the photographer had left the actual skateboard, everyone would have focused on the board trying to find out who the manufacture was, and would have been paying attention to its detail and what it had and didn't have. Instead he lets the viewer know that the picture is about the shoes, but the shoes are for Sk8ers. Pure genius. This is done by showing the shadow of the board and sk8er on the floor.

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