Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Greedy Genius Coming To Sneak Peek Shelves

Guess how I spent my Tuesday October 21, 2008............. Trying to bring the city of Memphis more Fresh Shit then your local Kroger Vegetable Section. Well after boring myself to death in English class (listening to oral reports, ughhhhhh), I got to the store and immediately got on the horn with Derek from Greedy Genius. Through about 10 phone calls and emails we finally agreed that Greedy Genius is needed in Memphis and Sneak Peek is the store to give it to you all. We got some immediate stuff coming for both Men and Women (yes you heard it right, WOMEN TOO) in the next 2 weeks and then another shipment right in time for Christmas shopping. The sizes are limited so as soon as I say we got it I wouldn't wait to come and get it. Stay tuned for more Sneak Peeks (Get It SNEAK PEEKS). As we strive everyday to make this store by far the best in Memphis. Until we speak again PEACE

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