Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Only 3 Days Until Sneak Peek - Memphis is Offically Open

Okay so I'm gonna make this short and simple because I gotta get back to painting, so here we go.

With just about 10 dribbles Allen Iverson changed the game of basketball forever. Some would say for good and others would argue for the worst but never the less no one can deny that after that moment it would never be the same. HE BROKE MICHAEL JORDAN OFF AND THEN MICHAEL CAME BACK AND GAVE HIS ASS 40, BUT NO ONE EVER REMEMBERS THAT. They just remember the greatest player to ever play the game getting caught reaching and looking in the wrong direction not once but twice. Allen Iverson immediately gained a cult like following and spawned a movement that gave birth to companies like And 1, and brought street basketball to an organized level like never before. So why chose A.I to represent Day #3, because he was the Answer to the Question who is gonna lead the game of basketball into the next generation, who was gonna have the same effect on the game of basketball as Jordan did? Allen Iverson did. The same question has been posed about the youth and young adults in the city of Memphis. Who is gonna lead the next generation? The answer is in this store, because not only are we selling shoes and cloths, but we are selling a lifestyle, a mindset, a determination, a new way of thinking never seen in this city before. We are changing the game and we welcome all with an open mind to come and join us. Trust Me Its Gonna Happen, Just Watch. Until we speak again PEACE

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