Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Arrivals: Enstru-men-tal Clothing Has Finally Landed At Sneak Peek

I Think A Lot Of People (Including Some Loyals) Thought I Was Joking When I Said Some Things Were Gonna Change Around Here. Sometimes When You Have A Passion For Something Specific It Is Difficult To Accept When That Thing You Loved Flips The Script. Example: I Have Loved Hip Hop Music Since Hearing Snoop Dogg "Doggy Style" and Nas "Illmatic", There Was A Time When I Listened To All Different Types Of Hip Hop Music. Now Days My Love Is Not Quite The Same, I Am Very Critical Of The Product Being Put Out By These Cons Who Call Themselves Hip Hop Artist. I Guess You Can Say I Have Somewhat Had A Falling Out With The 1st Love of My Life (Besides The Lord, Jesus Christ) Hip Hop Music. It Hurts My Soul When I See These Guys Selling The Culture Out For A Couple Bucks and A Little Fame. Streetwear Is No Different, What Used To Be About Boutiques, Culture, and Lifestyle Has Now Turned Into A Money Hungry Industry Controlled By The "Almighty Dollar" and That Surely Always Leads To Disaster. So What Am I To Do, Cry About It? Hell Naw. Like A Dope DJ, I Just Dig Deeper Into The Crates In Search Of A Classic Record That Will Blow The Crowd Away. Enstru-Men-Tal Is A Classic Crowd Pleaser Which I Personally Enjoy and Appreciate. Many Of The Themes Displayed By This Brand Are Based Around The Purity Of Hip Hop Music and Classic Lyrics Which True Hip Hop Fans Will Never Forget. No, Not All The New Brands Carried At Sneak Peek Will Be As "Under Ground" As Enstru-Men-Tal, But They Will All Be Equally As Dope and Will All Be Truly and Whole Heartedly Based Around The Streets, Representing True "Streetwear" and Everything Involved In It. So With That Said, Enjoy The New Offerings Available At Sneak Peek. We Love Them and I'm Sure You All Will As Well. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Enstru-Men-Tal Clothing: Spring 2010 Collection Available Now At Sneak Peek - Memphis

Enstru-Men-Tal Clothing: Rap Minus Lies = Hip Hop T-Shirt (Available In Both Black and Kelly Green)

Enstru-Men-Tal Clothing x Lupe Fiasco: I Ain't Dumbing Down Nothing T-Shirt (Available In Black)

Enstru-Men-Tal Clothing: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate T-Shirt (Available In Purple)


Max Reyes said...
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Max Reyes said...

When are Enstrumental clothing restocking the "Rap-Lies=HipHop" t-shirts on royal blue?