Monday, January 11, 2010

New Music Monday (Special Edition): Behind The Scenes Of The Lil Wayne Farewell Tour With Skewby and Baby Reggie January 10, 2010

If You Payed Attention To The Sneak Peek Twitter Page Over The Last Couple Days You Would Have Probably Seen Us Congratulating Our Favorite Music Artist/ Rapper/ Sneak Peek Loyal, Skewby For Having The Privilege To Open Up For Worldwide Superstar Lil Wayne and His Young Money Family During The Little Rock, AR and Mississippi Leg Of His Farewell Tour . This Was A Huge Accomplishment To The Young Artist and His Camp, Especially When You Consider The Fact That It Has Only Been A Little Over 3 Months Since The Release Of His Debut Mixtape "Proving You Wrong Since 1988". We Get A Lot Of Reckless Talk From Haters Daily When It Comes To Our Support Of Skewby's Music and These Situations Lets Us Know That We Are Doing The Right Thing By Continuing To Support The Hip Hop Artist and His Music. Talking To Him and Manager Antonio Tubbs Over The Last Couple Days It Is Quite Evident That This Opportunity Is Just A Small Step In The Grand Scheme To Really Make A Impact As An Artist; Not Only In Memphis, But Worldwide. We Are Extremely Proud Of Skewby and His Team For All They Are Doing and Wish Him Nothing But Luck As He Continues. Two Other Memphians Making Their Own Noise Both In Music and Photography (and Possibly Music), Nina Stakz (107.5FM) and Young Fly Richy, Got Extra Exclusive Back Stage Privileges With Skewby and Blessed Us With This Video and Photos For Your Viewing Pleasure. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Behind The Scenes Of The Lil Wayne Farewell Tour With Skewby and Baby Reggie.

Skewby and Baby Reggie Getting Prepared For The Big Stage - January 10, 2010

Skewby Rocking The Crowd At The DeSoto Civic Center Opening For Lil Wayne - January 10, 2010

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