Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneak Peek Spotted: Baby Reggie Rocking Akomplice Champions Tee, Rocksmith Broadway Hoodie, and Nike Air Jordan Retro 6 - Available At Sneak Peek

Well If You Attended Last Nights "Lil Wayne: Farewell Tour" You Probably Spotted This Young African American Male Running Around The Main Stage At The DeSoto Civic Center Reciting Rhymes Written By Sneak Peek's Favorite Rapper Skewby and Getting The Crowd Hyped For His Show. A Lot Of People Didn't Quite Know Who The Hell He Was But One Thing They All Recognized Is That He Was Fresh As Hell, From Head To Toe (Literally. It Was No One Other Then Sneak Peek Loyal Baby Reggie. Though He Put Together What He Wore Himself, All Of His Apparel Up There On The Stage Was Picked Up At Sneak Peek - Memphis. For Those Of You Who Liked The Shirt (Akomplice Champions Tee) There Are A Couple More Available In Sizes Small - 3 Extra Large,

The Shoes Unfortunately Won't Be Available To You All Until January 23, 2010, But You Know We Got You On That Too.

Along With Skewby I Have Known Reggie For A Little Over A Year Now. Whenever I See Him He Either Has A Mic In His Hand (In Addition To The Bottle Of High Priced Liquor) or Some Flyers. The Dude Really Gets It In and I Myself Have Nothing But Respect For That. We Greatly Appreciate The Love and Support We Get From Reggie, As Well As The Rest Of Memphis and We Pray That You All Will Continue.

Before Hitting The Stage Last Night Baby Reggie, Skewby, and Antonio Found Time To Give Sneak Peek A Little Video Shout Out, Check It Out and Let Us Know What You Think.

Would You Like To See Yourself Featured In Sneak Peek Spotted, Simply Snap A Pic Of Yourself In Our Clothing and Either Tag Us On Facebook, or @ Us On Twitter/ Twitpic, or Email The Pic To Us At and We Will Be Sure To Give You The Love You Deserve. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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