Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary Nike/ Air Jordan/ Jordan Brand: March 3, 1985 Nike Releases The Nike Air Jordan 1 To The Public

Really What Is There To Say But Thank You Nike. On This Day 25 Years Ago They (Nike) Released To The Public The Shoe That Would Change World Of Sneakers and Streetwear Forever. The Nike Air Jordan 1 gave Birth To A Whole Culture That Still Thrives Today and Shows No Signs Of Letting Up Any Time Soon. Though The Original Was A Little Higher Then Some Of The Models That Are Retrod Now, The Nike Air Jordan 1 Is The Most Re-Done Shoe (Shamefully) Of The Nike/ Jordan Brand. Upon Its Original Debut The Nike Air Jordan 1 Was Easily The Most Popular Shoe Of Its Time. It Was Being Worn By The New Kid On The Block Michael Jordan During His Rookie and Sophomore Years In The NBA, and It Displayed A Colorway Not Normally Seen On Basketball Shoes; Which Eventually Got It Banned From The NBA. According To Many Sneaker Aficionados This Is Really The Moved That Lead To The Take Off Of The Shoes. Jordan Was Being Fined Up To $5,000.00 By The NBA Everytime These Shoes Were Worn During A Game. Jordan Wore The Shoes, Nike Paid The Fine, and From That Jordan Became The Rebel Of The League. 25 Years Later Words Can't Even Express The Impact The Nike/ Jordan Brand Has Had On Basketball, The NBA, and Pop Culture As A Whole. So As I Stated Above Thank You Very Much Nike and Jordan Brand.

- Nike/ Jordan Brand Has Put Together This "History Of Flight" Website. Everything You Need To Know About The Jordan Brand, Shoe Design, The Personalities Behind The Team, and The Influences. (Click Here For Live Link)

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jia said...

Nike Air is one of a select few that are so classic that they are constantly going under color construction and getting re-released time and time again.