Friday, March 12, 2010

Music Review: Chris Blake "Check The Campaign" By Music Producer Leon Richardson AKA The Product

I Have Had This Mixtape Since It Dropped January 11, 2010. From The First Time I Heard It I Have Been Rather Hesitant To Give It A Review, Because I Loved It and Chris Blake Is A Good Friend and Loyal Shopper Of Sneak Peek. I Wouldn't Want People To Think My Reviews Aren't Honest or Even Biased (Which I Have Been Accused Of). So What Else Was I To Do? I Made A Couple Copies Of The Mixtape and Put It In The Hands Of Those Who Love Hip Hop Music As Much As I Do. Every Single Person I Gave "Check The Campaign" To Gave High Praise To The Mixtape and Leon Richardson Went One Step Further Writing A Review For Chris Blake. Take A Sneak Peek Below At What He Had To Say and Should You Be So Inclined Download Chris Blake's Debut Mixtape "Check The Campaign" and Determine For Yourself What You Think Of It. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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Chris Blake For President By Leon Richardson AKA The Product

The first mix tape from Chris Blake, entitled “Check The Campaign”, quickly caught my ear from the first track. Chris Blake’s lulling voice over the hype southern tracks at first sounds like an oxymoron, but after the first few bars, Blake blends right in while standing out at the same time. From beginning to end, I didn’t want to even point my finger in the direction of the “next” button on my car radio.

One way I can think of to describe the tracks on “Check The Campaign” is like an All-Star team. Everyone may have a different favorite, but all of the tracks, even the bench players (skits) are great in their own right. The Standout track, in my opinion, is “They Call Me...” This song slightly reminds me of when Mike Jones first stepped on to the scene and made it known exactly who he was and what he was here to do. Chris Blake definitely does a better job than the previously mentioned and does it with such finesse, as if he woke up making punch-lines.

The way Chris Blake delivers a punch line is hard to describe. Imagine a seasoned comedian that has the formula to make jokes that will go over your head and take you about five seconds to understand. Now imagine if that same comedian could also tell a joke and move on to the next one just as quickly. This is one way to describe Blake’s delivery. His southern drawl, sleepy voice, and loose punch lines, make Blake’s delivery almost like a musical conversation rather than a song.

I would definitely encourage anyone who is looking for music that is familiar but still a big break from the norm to “Check the Campaign”. Even though the beats are not too far from what many have come to expect from the south, the artist on top of the beats is definitely not your average Memphis rapper. As a matter of fact, his style is probably what other Memphis artists should be aiming for.

-The Product

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