Monday, December 15, 2008

New Music Monday: Common, Keisha Cole, Plies, Anthony Hamilton .....................

Well with Christmas coming up next week alot of artist are dropping New Albums this week hopefully to boost sales and have good first week showings on the charts, its a pretty good idea, especially since most of the albums are coming from pretty good artist. Tomorrow December 16, 2008 3 artist that we at Sneak Peek personally enjoy will be dropping new music which is almost guaranteed to be great. Those artist would be Keisha Cole (A Different Me), Anthony Hamilton (The Point of It All), and Lil Wayne (Dedication 3 with DJ Drama). Another artist that is releasing yet another disc is The Self Professed Goon Himself "Plies", (The image above is not the Album Cover, but the new album is titled "Da Realest" I just couldn't find the new one yet) I am not a huge fan, but the man is undeniably a hard worker and he makes some bangers (that I often listen to...... had to cover my ass because we don't want to end up on the wrong side of the goons), but something about the whole ski mask image doesn't rub me the right way. Anyway, in closing I feel really bad because I just realized that I left someone out of the last installation of New Music Monday and that was Mr. Chicago himself, Common, I have heard mixed reviews about the new direction this album is going but never the less it's Common (with alot of Pharrel) so you know your gonna like it eventually even if it takes some time to grow on you. As always, I encourage all to go out and BUY these albums, for yourself or for others, and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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