Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Music Monday: Musiq Soulchild - OnMyRadio

Well its so ugly outside, :( THE DAY SUCKS, but one good thing is that IT'S TUESDAY which means new music is out and BATMAN - The Dark Knight is finally out on DVD. Checking the new release section the choices are few but one gem is definitely Musiq Soulchild. Known for always delivering heat on every album, I'm sure this one will be nothing short of greatness. I heard the new single and though it shows a different side of Musiq (POP, T-Pain shit), I'm sure the new album will be back to basics. You know these days you gotta "Sprinkle the album with shit to keep the registers ringing - Jay-Z". I look forward to hearing it and I encourage everyone to go out and BUY. Let us know what yall think and until we speak again PEACE

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