Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When the Boss is away the Boss Lady will....blog.

10 days until the all new Sneak Peek Memphis opens at 515 South Main Street. We are still in grind mode and with each new day we reduce the number of hours of sleep by one. So I got 5 last night....and you can imagine what I will get in 5 days...none.

We encourage you to follow us on twitter @sneakpeek901 to get the up-to-date info on the new store, and every once in a while we leak some pictures to hold us all over until the 28th.

here's a little rundown of what the Sneak Peek Family has been up to...

We do our own stunts and print our own shirts. Check out the new SP logo tees ($19) hot off the press.

We, with the help of a pretty dope carpenter, are building our dream SP.

And lastly, we had a dope Fall photo shoot with a few of the Sneak Peek Loyals over the weekend. The photos are soooo hot that they deserve a post of their own. In the meantime, here's a leak of @IamCoreyChism.

See you on August 28th beginning at 5p during South Main Trolley Night at the All New Sneak Peek, 515 South Main.

with heart,

Boss Lady

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