Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's In Stock: Casio G-Shocks Wrist Watches

LRG x Casio G-Shock DW6900 (Click Here Form A Closer Look)

Whenever These Show Up They Go Pretty Fast, We Were Kinda Thrown For A Loop When Word Came In August That Production On New Watches Had Been Pushed Back Because Of Issues At The Factory, But They Have Caught Back Up and New G-Shocks Should Be In Stock At Sneak Peek Just About Every Month. The Loyals Have Already Got Their Hands On Most Of Them, But There Are A Couple Still At The Store That Are Pretty Dope and Have Some Special Features/ Extras That Make Them Stick Out From The Rest. Two Are Limited Edition Pieces From LRG That Can Only Be Found At Sneak Peek In The City of Memphis. We Are Low In Quantity So If You See Them and Like Them, I Advise You Come and Grab It. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.
LRG x Casio G-Shock x Frogman GW206K-7 (Click Here For A Closer Look)
This Watch Is A Limited Collaboration From The 3 Industry Giants To Commemorate The 10th Anniversary of L.imited R.esearch G.roup and Carries Some Special Features Not Found On Any Other Casio G-Shock Before. Each Watch Comes In A Individually Numbered (1 of 1,000) Case and Comes With A Lifetime Warranty (Click Here For Complete Details)

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