Friday, December 18, 2009

New Music Monday (On Friday) - Skewby - Talk To Em' (Video)

I Feel Like A Proud Dad Watching My Son Grow Up To Be Famous. I Won't Elaborate Anymore On This Since People Feel We Show Him To Much Love Already. I'm Just Gonna Let This Song and Video Speak For Itself. I Will Point Out However That Skewby Is Rocking Some Crooks & Castles Gear Which He Copped At Sneak Peek A Couple Weeks Ago, Some Of These Pieces Are Still Available (In Other Sizes Of Course) If You Like Them. Truthfully No One Knew Skewby Was Even Shooting A Video As It Took Us About An Hour To Figure Out When This Footage Was Taken." Talk To Em'" Is One Of My Favorite Joints Off Of Skewby's Debut Mixtape "Proving You Wrong Since 1988", Which Dropped At Sneak Peek September 25, 2009, As It Uses A Sample From My Favorite Producer Pete Rock. If You Have Yet To Download The Mixtape or Pick Up A Copy From Sneak Peek A Live Link Is Provided Below. Listen To The Album, Absorb The Great Music Put Together By Skewby, DJ Charlie White, DJ Crumbz, and Afro D. After You Listen Make Sure You Let The Young Memphis Artist Know What You Think, Feedback and Support Is Always Welcome From All. Much Love and Support Go Out To The Whole Team For What They Are Doing and How They Are Doing It. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Download "Proving You Wrong Since 1988" Here: (Click Here For Link)

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