Monday, September 28, 2009

Skewby "Proving You Wrong Since 1988" Mixtape Release Party ReCap

So Let Me Be The First To Say, I Knew That Skewby's "Proving You Wrong Since 1988" Mixtape Release Party Would Be Good, But By 7:00PM We Had Smashed Good and Were Well On Our Way To Amazing. We Had All Worked Hard To Make This Something To Remember But I Just Couldn't Stop The Doubtful Thoughts From Creeping Through My Busy Mind As 5:30PM Rolled Around "Maybe People Are Getting Sick Of Having So Much Fun At Our Parties", "I Know Hip Hop Is Alive In Memphis, But Are They Ready For Skewby", "Did We Invite Enough People". Those Thoughts Were Quickly Washed Out Of My Head As The Crowd Quickly Swelled Anxiously Awaiting The Man We Were All There To See.

7:30PM Came and Went and No One Seemed To Mind Waiting On Skewby As They Browsed The New Arrivals, Waited To Be Checked Out At The Front Counter, Danced To The Music, and Socialized With Friends They Only Ever See At Sneak Peek Events.

I Looked At My Watch Once More At 7:34Pm and As I Began To Ring Up Another Customer, I Heard A Loud Yell and the Clapping of Hands As The Young Artist Walked Through The Door.

It Was At That Moment That I Saw Cameron "Skewby" Smith Go From Just Another Local Memphis Rapper, To A Superstar As He Stopped To Shake Hands With Friends, Family, and Fans Prior To Getting On The Mic and Ripping The Show.

Truthfully, The Rest Is History, As We Partied, Listened To Skewby, and Networked For The Remainder of The Night.

Memphis' Music Scene Changed On That Night As Everyone In The Building Was Able To See That No Longer Is It About Guns, Drugs, and Disgracing Woman. You Can Actually Rap With Substance and People Will Appreciate You Just As Much.

I Pray That Friday September 25, 2009 Was Only The Beginning Of A Great Musical Career For Skewby and His Team.

Sneak Peek Would Like To Thank Some Specific People For Making The Event A Success. First and Foremost, The Man of The Hour Skewby, For Showing Up and Showing Out. Second, The Employees of Sneak Peek Marcus, Gavin, Corey, Tony Balentine, Akeara "Graphic Queen" Williams, Shalishah "Petey", and Sherman (Fli Pelican) + Nino Brown (Fli Pelican). Third, All of Skewby's Team Including But Not Limited To DJ Crumbz, DJ Charlie White, Afro D, Antonio Tubbs, Pat Johnson, Skewby's Mom, etc. Lastly, Super Thanks and Love Go Out To All That Made Sneak Peek The Place To Be On Friday Night, We Hope That You All Enjoyed Yourselves and That You All Continue To Support Us In The Future.

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DJ Crumbz said...

Great photography. Straight 80's efx.