Monday, November 10, 2008

New Music Monday: J.Kwest - I Am Obama

J.Kwest - I Am (Obama) from Endangered Peace on Vimeo.
So I'm really gonna try to get with it and keep up with this Blog this week. I suppose I should start by actually posting New Music Monday on Monday. This week's selection comes from my Big Brother from home, J.Kwest. When I heard he was dropping this joint I was sure hoping it wasn't gonna be another corny "Obama Song" (i.e: Big Boi and M.J.B), but then I had to think who I was talking about. Just in case yall don't know J.Kwest is by far one of the truest lyricist I have ever met and he is the leader of the Puremusic Movement which we are all in desperate need of in our life. The song is dope, the video is dope, and J.Kwest is all of the above. Can't wait until the new album drops. Make sure you check back throughout the week to make sure I am keeping up with my word. Until we speak again PEACE.

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