Sunday, November 16, 2008

Upper Playground New Eras: New Arrival 11/15/2008

This new arrival from Upper Playground is by far one of the most creative releases I have seen on a New Era. In case you can't tell this is a Aerial View from the 1886 NBA Slam Dunk Contest where Michael Jordan wowed fans and the world by not only completing the Jump from The Free Throw Line but he did it with little effort and while double pumping. This dunk is often imitated but has yet to be duplicated in that manner (After seeing LeBron James dunk from the line the other night in game, I think he might be able to pull it off). Upper Playground has captured this perfect moment and team up with New Era to give it to us. We only have 12 of these, so get yours while you can Online (Below) and In Store.


1 comment:

Chris Blake said...

Oh yeah, I will be stealing, I mean buyin'that joint fam. lol