Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Ups Sneak Peek Loyal DJ Charlie White

Nothing Makes Us Happier At Sneak Peek Then To See Those Who Support Us Getting Love For What They Do. So You Know I Was Extra Excited When I Came Across This Feature In The University of Memphis' Campus Paper, The Daily Helmsman. Charles Glover AKA DJ Charlie White Is Creating A Name For Himself On The Memphis and Nationwide Music Scene, Not Only As A Dope DJ But For His Hard Work and Tenacity On Projects He Commits His Name To. Charlie Along With DJ Crumbz Is Working On A Project Close To The Heart of The Sneak Peek Family With His Hand In Memphis Rapper Skewby D's Mixtape "Proving You Wrong Since 1988" Which Will Be Debuted On Friday September 25, 2009 At Sneak Peek (More Info To Come). Check Out The Complete Feature On DJ Charlie White In The Daily Helmsman (By Clicking Here) , Also See DJ Charlie White Rocking His Sneak Peek Loyals Tee In The Photo Attached To the Story. Big Ups To Charlie and Until We Speak Again PEACE.