Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Review + Food For Thought With Jay-Z

In All Honesty I Unwrapped This Most Recent Installment To My Jay-Z Collection Not Really Knowing What To Expect. Reading Some Of The Reviews Regarding The Album, From People Who's Music Opinions I Really Trusted and Other Hip Hop Artist, You Would Have Thought The Album Would Have Been A Complete Dud. For Example, Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother Tweeted These Messages To His Followers:

- Rapper Big Pooh From Little Brother and The Justice League Twittered The Following:
* RapperBigPooh yep..just listened to the new Hov..def gotta ride to it but off of first listen..naw Hov...
* RapperBigPooh sounds like he in his "i know what the young boys wanna hear" mode
* RapperBigPooh i do fuck wit the Pharrell joint and the joint wit J Cole..the Empire State of Mind joint and and the What We Talkin Bout joint
* RapperBigPooh Finally on train, better than driving..bout 2 really listen to this BP3,quick listen it sounds as if a GREAT rapper made an AVERGE album

The Album Was Leaked Almost Two Weeks Prior To Its Official Release Date of September 11, 2009 Causing Jay-Z To Push The Date Up To September 8th
. For 2 Weeks I Refused To Listen To Anything I Wasn't Supposed To Be Hearing From The Blueprint 3, Not Because I Believed Anything The Other Listeners Had To Say But More Out Of Loyalty To The Man I Often Refer To As My Dad (Jay-Z). On Monday September 7th I Felt Like A Child On Christmas Eve, All I Could Think About Was Sitting At My Computer At 12:01AM Tuesday September 8th and Downloading The Album Directly From iTunes. Unfortunately They Failed Me and Still Had The Release Date Scheduled For Friday The 11th of September, So I Was Forced To Wait Until The Morning To Grab It From Best Buy. Along With The Blueprint 3 I Also Purchased The Entire Blueprint Series That Came In A Special Edition Blueprint Box/ Casing Which Is Extremely Impressive.

When I Got To The Actual Music I Was Equally Impressed, Not Because Of My Sworn Allegiance To Mr. Carter, But Because It Was Good Music, Which I Don't Hear Often. I Often Tell People, The Reason I Am So Attracted To The Music Of Jay-Z Is Because It Has Somewhat Been A Blueprint and a Guide To My Life. Often Jay-Z Talks On Subjects and Situations I Have Been Through, I Am Now Currently Going Through, or One Day I Am Sure I Will Go Through. For Some Time Now I Have Felt As Though Jay-Z Was Speaking The Future To Me, I Clearly Understood His Music, and Enjoyed It, But He Was Speaking On Many Subjects That I Was Not Personally Experiencing At The Time or Had Experienced In The Past. I Loved Reasonable Doubt Because I Was There In My Life At The Time I Began To Listen To It, 2003 (I Have Been Listening To Jay-Z Since 1996 But I Rediscovered Him and My Love For His Music In 2003 When I Got A Brand New Copy of Reasonable Doubt). The Blueprint 3 Feels As Though Jay-Z Has Been Living My Life and Been In My Mind, a Perfect Album and Soundtrack For What I Am Currently Going Through; In Business, In Relationships, and Just My Life In General. Something I Often Feel People Miss About Jay-Z Is The True Lyricism He Exhibits. Sometimes He Is The Type Of Artist Whos Music Can Be Understood On The Surface, But Often His Lyrics Are So In Depth That The Average Listener Misses The Meaning and Plays It As Someone Making Average Music, Which It Definitely Is Not. On The Blueprint 3 Jay-Z Touches On Many Subjects, Ranging From The Good and Bad of Success, Friendships, Relationships, Judgement, and Many Other Topics of Interest. The Blueprint 3 Features Guest Artist Appearances From Kanye West, Drake, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z's First RocNation Artist J.Cole, Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, Rihanna, and Mr. Hudson. I Am Totally Understanding of the Fact That A Lot of People Don't Understand Jay-Z, People Often Try To Throw Him In The Box With Other Artist But You Can Not Compare His Music or His Albums With Any Other Hip Hop Artist Past or Present, Which Is A Mistake I Feel A Lot Of People Make When Ranking Jay-Z's Music.

I Give The Blueprint 3 a Rating of a 9 Out Of 10. Only Because I Wish That All The Featured Artist Would Have Been Allowed To Rap On The Songs With Him (Drake Sings The Hook On "Off That" and Kid Cudi Sings On "Already Home"). The Blueprint 3 Is A Must Buy For All Who Consider Themselves Fans of Hip Hop Music. Trust Me With All The B.S Music Out Here, Your Ears Will Thank You For This Album. I Hope That This Review Leads You To Buy The Album. I Tried To Listen With A Non-Bias Ear and Give It A Honest Review, Which I Think I Have Accomplished. Please Feel Free To Comment and Let Us Know What You Think About The Blueprint 3 or Anything I Had To Say Above. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Bonus Coverage: Just In Case You Missed BET's Food For Thought Conversations With Jay-Z, It Has Been Posted Below. This Video Gave A Brief but In-Depth Look Into The Career, Mindset, Past, Present, and Future Of The Artist. He Sat Down In Manhattan, New York For Interviews With Harry Allen, Angie Martinez, and Steven A. Jackson On A Matter of Subjects. It Truly Shows His Intelligence, Charm, and Exactly Why He Is In The Position That He Is. I Caught Glimpse of This In The Barber Shop and Found Myself Angry. Arguably One of the Greatest Personalities/ People of My Lifetime, and The Idiots In The Shop Had The Nerve To Be Arguing About Non-Sense Keeping Me From Watching. It Was At That Moment I Became Depressed and Discouraged Because It Was A Clue To Exactly Why We As African Americans Are In The Position That Many of Us Find Ourselves In. There Should Not Have Been An Eye That Wasn't Watching This. Jay-Z Is Successful On Some Other Level Type Stuff. We All Claim To Want To Be There, Yet We Don't Stop To Look, Listen, and Learn When He Speaks. Pure Ignorance, Unless Success Is Not Your Goal. I Would Have Loved To Do A Study but I'm Sure If Gucci Mane Was Speaking or Scarface Was On There Wouldn't Have Been A Word Said. Ummmmmmmmmm, I Will Pray For Them, But I Know Where I Want To Go Along With How I'm Gonna Get There, and There Is No Doubt That Jay-Z Along With Great Role Models Such As Dr. Martin Luther King, President Barack Obama, Dr. Frank A. Thomas, and My Dad The Real Kevin Brumfield For Helping Me Realize That.

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Bando said...

"Something I Often Feel People Miss About Jay-Z Is The True Lyricism He Exhibits."

hit the nail on the head!

people ONLY want beats nowadays, and its ridiculous. if you dont like jay its more than likely because you never really listened to what he is saying.

its crazy to me that people are still doubting jay like he has something to prove

"96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001 and beyond,
02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 7, 08, 09
back to back double plat, i did what you wont.
men lie women lie, numbers don’t."

i mean that ^ right there says alot about his track record.

bp3 is an amazing album, and because of the pacquiao referemce in "thank you" its more than likely going to be my favorite album in 2009.