Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skewby Featured In This Months Source Magazine UnSigned Hype Section

I Won't Say Much About This Because My Comments Might Just Go To Far. I Just Want To Give Congratulations Where It Is Due. So Where Do I Begin? Big Ups To God For Giving This Young Man The Ability To Paint Pictures With His Words and Rock The Mic, Big Ups To His Family For Believing In Him and Supporting His Craft, Big Ups To Him For Believing In Himself and Continue To Strive For Excellence Everyday, Big Ups To Everyone That Had Their Hand In The Production Of "Proving You Wrong Since 1988" (DJ Charlie White, DJ Crumbz, Baby Reggie, Afro D, Kano, DJ Chev, etc.), Big Ups To His Manager, Antonio Tubbs (715 Management), Because Stuff Like The Last 6 Months Of Skewby's Career Don't Just Happen, and Big Ups To Everyone Who Supports Real Hip Hop Music In Memphis, Tennessee. Every Single Person Who Passed His Mixtape On To Someone Who Never Heard It, Everyone Who Shared The Link On Their Facebook Page, Everyone Who Tweeted About "Proving You Wrong Since 1988/ #ProvingYouWrongSince1988", etc.

I Can't Quite Explain My Excitement About This Huge (Yet Small In The Grand Scheme Of Things) Accomplishment. I Guess It Is Just Confirmation Of What I Have Been Saying Since The Day I Met The Young Man That Everyone Now Knows As Skewby. I Got So Much Sh!t When I Made The Decision To Host His Mixtape Release Party, I Got So Much Sh!t When I Decided To Put His Name On The T-Shirt Featuring The Other Legendary Rappers From Memphis, TN, I Get So Much Sh!t When I Tweet, Facebook, or Blog Anything About Him and What He Is Doing. So To Those Who Doubted This (Skewby's Feature In The Source's Unsigned Hype Section) Is My Response To You All.

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Leanne said...

Kevin - You are the greatest! Your support has been a blessing and I appreciate everything you've done for Skewb! ...This train is moving!!!! ....I'm so happy you're onboard!!!!! - LA (Moms)