Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kidrobot Spring Collection Part 1 Has Arrived At Sneak Peek - Memphis

Location: The Offices of Sneak Peek - Memphis
Listening To: T.I - "I'm A King" (So Promising)

We are truly committed to bringing that shit to the city of Memphis, and Kidrobot is definitly one of those brands that "keep the register ringing" (Jay-Z). We have actually sold out of one of these styles, one of the Loyals (Love Yall). We have various tees, with matching New Eras, and for the 1st time (make sure your sitting down) we are offering a couple women pieces, at the request (well more like begging, LOL). As we always say and really mean, stuff really goes fast at Sneak Peek. If you want to have your pick of colors and sizes, I suggest you grab yours NOW because it will SELL OUT before you know it. We hope to see everyone by the store soon and until we speak again PEACE.

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