Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Has The Ear of Sneak Peek: Kid Cudi Gives A Closer Look Into His Music

If you ever want to know what we are listening to at Sneak Peek just pay attention to the blog. Yeah we post the New Music Monday segments but I encourage everyone to also take a Sneak Peek (pun intended) at some of the interviews we post up. People always wanna know how to make it, whatever industry your in, well below Kid Cudi explains parts of his journey then and how he is making it now (he retired and un-retired last week, just to let yall know). In the words of The Boss Lady "He's A Beast", we have even started hearing this music on Memphis radio stations which is totally crazy, big ups to the Loyals who also DJ (Devin Steel, Lil Larry, Nate Boogie, DJ Houston, DJ Chev, and T. Flowers, etc.). Let Us Know What Yall Think and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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