Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nike SB's Now Available At Sneak Peek (All Sizes, Men and Women)

FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, Not only can you count on Sneak Peek to provide Memphis with some of the dopest streetwear in the city but our footwear selection is growing as well. Check out some new arrivals to the shelves at Sneak Peek. Most are Nike SB's (Dunks High and Low, Blazers, P. Rod's) in all sizes 6 - 14 (mens) but we also have new Deadstock Jordans (Size 13's) and a couple women's sneaks in as well. This always goes without saying but I will again for those who don't get it. EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS EXTRA LIMITED "MEANING IF YOU SEE IT AND LIKE IT, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY COME AND GET IT OR GET MAD WHEN YOU COME AND ITS NO LONGER HERE". IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. So check the photos, let us know what yall think and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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