Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WEARHouse Party Preview #1 - Live Graffiti Painting By Memphis Artist Nosey

Well By Now Everyone Knows Its Coming, But I Still Hear Confusion From Memphis As To What WEARHouse Is Exactly, Truth Be Told We Barely Know Ourselves Because We Never Put That Much Thought Into Stuff (Let Me Take That Back We Do Put Alot of Thought Into It By Asking Ourselves "What Can We Do To Make Sure Everyone Has The Time of Their Lives", I Believe We Accomplished That With Spring Board and I Believe We Will Top That With WEARHouse Party)............ So I'm Sure You Just Read A Bunch Of Words and Still Don't Understand, So For The NEXT Couple Days Leading Up To The Event, I Guess You Can Say I Will Be Giving Everyone A Little Sneak Peek At Some Of The Things They Can Expect To See At The Event.

Cans Of Spray Paint From IronLak

Some Examples of Nosey's Graf Work - Come By WEARHouse to see him work LIVE

Along with a host of other things there will be a live Graffiti Artist On Deck, Painting A Canvas (Surafce) Like No Other You Have Ever Seen (Trust Me You Have Never Seen It Done Like This BEFORE, Okay Maybe You Have But Not In Memphis). Don't Get Caught Just Looking At Photos on Sunday, Be There To Experience What Happens When Sneak Peek Hooks Up With Strange Fruit Productions, Cordova Board Shop, and Some Of The Dopest People In This Great City Of Memphis. Visit Us Tomorrow For Preview Number 2 and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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Mz.Breezy said...

Im so planning on being there to get the whole experience because i love sneakers i dare to be different when it comes to my shoe game so most def ill be in the building. I have yet gotten the chance to visit the store but I so plan on it because ive heard nothing but good things and im super excited