Thursday, May 21, 2009

WEARHouse Party Preview #2 - Discounted Entry With Canned Good Donation

Well By Now Everyone Knows Its Coming, But I Still Hear Confusion From Memphis As To What WEARHouse Is Exactly, Truth Be Told We Barely Know Ourselves Because We Never Put That Much Thought Into Stuff (Let Me Take That Back We Do Put Alot of Thought Into It By Asking Ourselves "What Can We Do To Make Sure Everyone Has The Time of Their Lives", I Believe We Accomplished That With Spring Board and I Believe We Will Top That With WEARHouse Party)............ So I'm Sure You Just Read A Bunch Of Words and Still Don't Understand, So For The NEXT Couple Days Leading Up To The Event, I Guess You Can Say I Will Be Giving Everyone A Little Sneak Peek At Some Of The Things They Can Expect To See At The Event.

One of Our Main Goals as a Company Is To Give Back To The City of Memphis and We Hope That We Can Promote This Same Behavior To Everyone Who Participates In Any Event We Do. With That Said We Have Decided To Offer Everyone The Opportunity to Attend WEARHouse Party for a Discounted Rate with the Donation of Up To 2 Unopened Canned Goods. Let Me Clarify, Everyone Who Attends WEARHouse Party Can Get In For $6.00 With A Donation of 2 Canned Goods ($2.00 Per Canned Good, Up To 2 Canned Goods Can Be Donated For A Discount, But Please Feel Free Donate More But The Most Your Gonna Get Off Is $4.00. All Canned Goods Collected During This Event Will Be Donated To MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association) Like I Said Before Don't Get Caught Just Looking At Photos on Sunday, Be There To Experience What Happens When Sneak Peek Hooks Up With Strange Fruit Productions, Cordova Board Shop, and Some Of The Dopest People In This Great City Of Memphis. Visit Us Tomorrow For Preview Number 3 and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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