Friday, February 19, 2010

Event Re-Cap: A Evening With Rev. Run By Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald

Thursday February 18 the University of Memphis BSA (Black Student Association) invited one of the pioneers of hip-hop and ordained minister, Rev. Run to speak to the students for Black History Month. Trading in his Gold Chain, Adidas, and Gazelles for a black pinstripe suit and air-force one’s, Rev. Run spoke about many topics such as family, the state of hip-hop and even on the rumored secret society “ILLUMINATI”. With a hit TV reality show on MTV, and a new book entitled “Take Back your Family”, Rev Run has showed the transition of a rapper to a family man.

“You have to be about passion and not position.” Rev. Run said to the students from University of Memphis. “For me it was about wanting to get on the turntables and DJ, wanting to rap and if that’s in your heart the money and fame will happen.”
Born in Hollis Queens N.Y., Rev talked about his beginnings in the rap game and his brother and founder of Def Jam Russell Simmons beginnings in promoting rappers such as Grandmaster Flash and Kurtis Blow. Rev Run spent time Deejaying for Kurtis Blow and his name became the “Young Kurtis Blow”. Today, Rev. Run says he’s inspired by the youth; with his son Diggy’s new flourishing rap career and the success of his daughters Angela and Vanessa’s clothing line ‘Pastry’ Run says the youth of today are more business savvy then when he was growing up. “Hip-Hop is a bigger thing now,” Run said. “You hear Jay-Z say ‘I don’t get dropped, I drop the label’, you watch Diddy and u watch the Super Bowl and it opens up with a Jay-Z record. It’s pretty amazing to me how the youth is so business wise.”

Rev. Run received a loud applause when he said his favorite rapper was Jay-Z. But, applause soon turned to silence when the question was presented about the industry being a part of a Secret ‘Cult’. A few members in the audience yelled out “Illuminati” as Rev. Run was getting ready to answer the question. Rev. Run did not go into detail about the secret ‘cult’ and said that he’s never heard of it. However, he defended rapper/ mogul Jay-Z’s religious beliefs. “I don’t know about this secret organization, this is new to me, but I heard Jay-Z say on hot 97 that ‘if you think I’m apart of a cult, you’re a fool’. He said “Jay-Z is not apart of any secret organization and believes in God.”

Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald

The Above Reflection On Rev. Run's Visit To The University Of Memphis Was Written By Jocelyn Jo'zzy Donald

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