Friday, February 5, 2010

New Arrival: The Hundreds

I Guess I Could Probably Bore You All To Death Telling You All The History Behind The Hundreds, But I Would Rather Just Let You All Know That Sneak Peek Has Finally Become An Authorized Hundreds Dealer After Many Months Of Anticipation. Yesterday We Received Some Pretty Dope Gear From The Streetwear Giant, and In The Next Couple Weeks There Is Plenty More To Come. Whenever We Were Able To Pick Up Some Of The Hundreds On Consignment It Was Always Gone Within 24-48 Hours and I Really Don't Think This Will Be Any Different As This Is Something The Loyals Have Been Waiting On For Some Time Now. From The Hundreds We Have A Healthy Selection Of Tees, Headwear, Wovens, and Accesories For Your Picking. Come By The Store Today Or Call (901)605-8853 To Place Your Phone Order. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Don't Know Who or What The Hundreds Is? Check Out This Little Story We Posted Black Friday November 27,2009 and See What The Hype Is All About. (Click Here For Link)

Well I Gotta Get Back To Work and See What Else My B!tch A$s Partner Inspector Gadget Has F@cked Up. What I Realized Today Is That He Will Never Get It, NEVER. So From Me To Him, Do Some Real Work Around Here Instead Of Just Talking About It. I'm Sure I'm Gonna Get In Trouble For This.

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