Friday, February 5, 2010

UDig Jookin' Academy x Sneak Peek Present Urban Motion - Review

All Photos Provided By: Intisar Abioto

Saturday January 30, 2010 I Walked Out Of 639 Marshall Avenue Feeling Absolutely Amazing For I Had Just Witnessed Some Of Memphis' Best Jookers Doing Their Thing In A Fun, Safe, Inviting, and Educational Environment. No I Don't Dance, But I Blended In Amongst The Crowd As The DeeJay Spent Deep Bass Driven Hip Hop Music and The Guest Moved and Contorted Their Bodies In Positions That Hurt Me Just To Think About. Their Wasn't An Angry Face In The Room As The Dancers Showed Their Level Of Expertise Of The Memphis Brand Of Dancing Known As "Jooking". Some Were Better Then Others, As This Was Made Known Through The Battles Set Up By The President/ Founder Of UDig Jookin' Academy Tarrick Moore. Each Dancer Was Given 2-3 Minutes To Show Their Stuff Against Each Other With A Winner Picked At The End Of Each Round Based Off Of Crowd Applause. To Be Honest I Don't Really Think The Dancers Really Cared About Who Won As After They Battled They Went Back To Socializing With Those They Were In Competition With. The Most Intriguing Part Of The Night Came From Marshall Arts Gallery Manager Anthony Lee and A Unknown Musician. The Two With African Drums In Tote Taught A History Lesson To All In Attendance, Connecting The Dots Between The Music and Dance From The MotherLand and What We Were All Their Witnessing With "Jooking". I Ended That Night With A Smile On My Face, For I Had Just Witnessed The City Of Memphis and All Of Its Beauty, I Witnessed The Side Of Memphis Everyone Needs To See, I Witnessed The Side Of Memphis That The News Stations Won't Report, I Witnessed The Side Of Memphis That The Newspapers Won't Write About, I, With My Own Eyes Witnessed The Side Of Memphis That Could Change This City For The Good.

If You Don't Know Who Tarrick Moore Is Or Have Never Heard Of The UDig Jookin' Academy I Suggest You Get Familiar. They, Along With Sneak Peek and Other Like Minded Organizations and Businesses, Are The New Memphis. We Are Here To Change This City and Refuse To Stop Doing What We Are Doing Until The Task Is Done.

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UDig Jookin' Academy: (Click Here For Link)

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