Sunday, September 21, 2008

Everyday Enlightenment: Sneak Peek Revealed #2

Just as bad as we want to provide the city of Memphis with Fresh Clothes and Shoes, it is also our goal at Sneak Peek to use this store as a teaching tool for everyone we come into contact with. We deeply desire to be the leaders that our generation is in need of, hopefully causing a ripple effect. Creating more and more leaders to carry these enlightening messages to their jobs, to their schools, to their homes, to their families, and to their friends. These messages will vary in length and subject matter but they will always be something to ponder (think) on. We are very intentional in staying away from matters of Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Politics; but everything else is fair game. We are responsible for what happens to all of the world and it is time for some people to step up to the plate and take these messages to the masses. We strongly encourage everyone who reads these messages to send friends, family, and strangers to our website, or copy and paste this on whatever networking tool (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) you use.

Please feel free to comment on the days enlightenment and get an open dialogue going in regards to everyone's feelings about the subjects.

We reserve the right to remove anything from the website that can be seen as harmful, hateful, or demining.

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