Thursday, September 18, 2008

Only 15 Days Left Until the Sneak Peek - Memphis is opening

Hey Mr. Carter........................ I think all basketball fans remember this. Vince Carter in the 2002 Slam Dunk contest, immediately following his Alley Opp, Between the Legs, 180 Degree, Windmill. That doesn't even sound right but it happened. Mr. Carter pulled off things in this Dunk Contest that we never saw before or that anyone even thought were possible. Which once again is rather symbolic of what Sneak Peek - Memphis will be to the city when it comes to fashion, clothing, sneakers, boarding, and Hip-Hop lifestyle, something this city and few others have ever seen before. So with that said its only 15 days until the introduction of SNEAK PEEK to the city of MEMPHIS. Come and check out our store and be the first in the city to Rock Gear from some of the freshest clothing lines in the business right now. As the date gets closer we will have plenty of information but just thought we would offer everyone a heads up. Until we speak again PEACE

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