Monday, September 22, 2008

New Music Monday: Kidz In the Hall featuring Estelle Sneak Peek Revealed #3

Sneak Peek Revealed #3:
This True Hip Hop movement is something very rare in the city of Memphis, as most of the community chooses to listen to that R&B (Rap and Bullshit) that we are constantly bombarded with on the local radio stations and in the club. We at Sneak Peek are determined to expose the city to not necessarily a new form of music but something that many people in this city do not have access to and at times I doubt that they even know it exist. We are not about forcing anything on people but we are about giving people choices. So even if this is something we can't do everyday we have decided to dedicate a section on our Blog every Monday to giving people that follow us something new to try to listen to and see if they like it.

Love Hangover - Kidz in the Hall feat Estelle

Our first installment into the New Music Monday vault comes from a group called Kidz in the Hall featuring Estelle ("American Boy" featuring Kanye West). Kidz in the Hall are apart of a new movement in Hip Hop that definitely pays homage to the rap groups of the late 80's and early 90's that were about Fashion, Fun, and Foolishness. That gun clappin, crack sellin, bi#ch smackin, sh*t it wack and hopefully groups like this catch on nationally. Enjoy

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