Friday, September 26, 2008

Only 8 Days Until Sneak Peek - Memphis Opens the Doors

NFL World Championships (Check), NFL Hall of Fame (Check), Number Retired By Your Team (Check, as of 09/27/2008); what else could you want. No doubt Steve Young had one the greatest careers of any NFL Player and to think for many years he was a back up to another great on our list (Joe Montana), imagine just how good his numbers would have been had he played all of those years. Often regarded as one of the first running quarterbacks, Steve Young listened to his mentors who suggested that he learn how to play the role of the quarterback, refined his game, and became no longer defined as a running quarterback but just a quarterback, and not only a quarterback, but one of the best which is testament to his hard work, open mind, humility, and heart.

So why use Steve Young to represent Day 8, because he represents alot of what it took Sneak Peek to reach this point to being only 8 days away from opening. We were willing to listen not only to ourselves but also consider the needs of Memphis and what our target market was asking for. Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything but "TRUST ME, WE ARE GIVING IT TO YALL". We were able to change and open ourselves to suggestions, not for our bottom line (Money) but because we want to be the store everyone has been waiting for, and in our opinions those suggestions will make us one of THE GREATEST THIS CITY HAS EVER SEEN. As with Steve Young, to achieve this status will take time, but just being willing to change is half of the battle. So only 8 days until our doors open to the public. Please come and check us out and be the first to check out some of the FRESHEST, MOST EXCLUSIVE gear available in Fashion today. Until next time PEACE.

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