Sunday, September 21, 2008

Only 13 Days until Sneak Peek - Memphis is open to the Public.......... Come and Check Us Out

People debate day after day about whether or not #13 Wilt Chamberlain was the best big man to ever play the game, but no one can ever argue how he changed it. Wilt stood 7'2" which put him head and shoulders over his opponents of those days. Not only did his statue intimidate them but his skill level was unbelievable for a man his size. Wilt forced a change of how players played, how teams drafted, how big men were taught, and how coaches coached. There is no doubt that Wilt Chamberlain changed the game of basketball, which is what Sneak Peek will do to the fashion scene in the city of Memphis. We have searched long and hard for ways to make our Sneaker Boutique different and concentrated on what the city of Memphis really wanted and needed. In my opinion we have done that. Not only through the appearance of the store but also in the products we will be selling, the services we will offer to everyone, and the events we will put on and support. These other stores better step their game up, because its only 13 Days until Sneak Peek is open. For the first time in this city people will know the definition of a true Sneaker Boutique. Please come and check out the store and be one of the first in the city to Rock Gear from some of the freshest clothing lines in the business today. Until then PEACE.

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