Monday, September 22, 2008

Only 12 Days Left Until Sneak Peek - Memphis is Open to the Public

People who are taken #199 in the NFL Draft aren't supposed to have careers like this. They aren't supposed to be on the top of every who's who list, they aren't supposed to be dating Prime Time Models and dumping them to date better looking Models, they aren't supposed to be considered the best at what they do, they aren't supposed to be racking up Championships. They are supposed to do what being number #199s usually do, just exist. Apparently Mr. Tom Brady didn't get that message as he is all of this plus more and only gets better every day. Of course he is hurt and because of the butt kicking the Pats got yesterday we see that there has never been a #199 pick that has meant more to his teams success.

So why use Tom Brady to represent Day 12? Well because what he was, we are, and what he is, we will be. We didn't take the easy road to opening this store as we found a location that we truly believed in regardless to what it was going to take to make it look like a store, we did it. In addition to that we didn't and don't have the deepest pockets to make something like this happen but we have made it by hook or crook and everything is slowly coming together even though we have dealt with our Road Blocks. Never the less we are almost there, and like Mr. Brady we will have to go through the fire to show we belong, but it is not a problem because we know exactly who we are and what we represent, and soon all of Memphis will see that we are the best at what we do. So only 12 days until our doors are open to the public for the 1st time. Please come and check out the store and be one of the first to have access to some of the freshest most exclusive gear available in fashion today.

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