Saturday, September 27, 2008

Now This Is What You Call Beef - No Subliminal Shots Here

Okay so I didn't know they get busy like this in England, and big up to Noel Gallagher for putting this on wax, performing it in concert, and letting everyone know exactly who he is speaking to (NO SUBLIMINAL SHOTS HERE). But everyone knows how I feel about Jay-Z (My Dad), so I gotta hate you now.

Apparently all this stems from Jay-Z headlining a London based annual concert called Glastonbury (pretty much Americas Woodstock). Mr. Gallagher had beef with this and publicized it prior to the show, Jay-Z came out at Glastonbury mocking Oasis which is Noel Gallagher's band, and Oasis responded by recording this song and performing it a couple nights later at Glastonbury. Crazy huh? Its been some time and Jay-Z still hasn't responded, not typical especially when he has been specifically called out, but maybe he is past this and maybe I should be too, but damn I never heard anyone come at "My Dad" like that. I feel like finding this punk in a dark alley, LOL, for disrespecting Jay-Z like that. If it was about anyone else I might have actually liked the song because it is dope.

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