Monday, February 23, 2009

Give The Drummer Some - 02/21/2009

The City of Memphis got a SNEAK PEEK at what dope DeeJaying (Thats Definitely Not A Hit On The Other DJ's In The City, WE LOVE YALL LIKE YALL LOVE US) sounds like over the weekend. ?uestlove, drummer for The Roots and any dope MC (think Jay-Z MTV Unplugged) Gave the M Sonic satisfaction @ Club Senses.

3/4th's of the Sneak Peek Family mixed and mingled with Red Bull Execs, B-Boys, B-Girls, and even the Wannabe's all night long and everyone in the building had a ball. If you weren't there it's probably because you didn't have shit to wear. {This would be the perfect time for me to say something about Sneak Peek} Scroll up for Sneak Peek's store hours.. Ya'll gone catch on soon! Until We Speak Again PEACE

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