Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy's Recap: Hip Hop Is Strong

I'm really not into the whole award show scene, honestly before yesterday I never watch. The right people never win, the right songs never get performed, the shows are boring but things were a little different last night. Entertaining, indeed it was, as I was treated to two (2) performances from my Dad (Jay-Z) and two (2) from my brother (Kanye West).
If you missed the "Swagger Like Us" performance check it out below.

I was actually able to put a face with a great song that I have heard before from Adele (but not often enough), but because she not singing about selling drugs and shes not African American I guess we will never hear her music in Memphis (sucks indeed). Anywho, I found myself watching, trying to find out what these stars would be wearing, what new trends to pay attention to, what new brands would be seen, and how they were wearing them. Unfortunately everyone was pretty suited up (Wearing Formal Suits and Tuxes) guess I will have to wait for the MTV or BET Awards. I did spot some accessories that I'm looking into right now, but before I get back to that, I just wanted to comment on some things. Before I start, I just would like to say this is no gossip blog, but every now and then the info reported can go in that direction.

- If what is being reported is true, 2 Thumbs Down to Mr. Chris Brown. We have all been in those situations before, but Real Men don't do it. WE JUST SHAKE THE SHIT OUTTA THEM (IT SCARES HER, AND NOTHING ELSE HAS TO BE DONE).

- T.I owes me and the rest of Memphis some money. We all went to his show in December expecting to get that T.I that performed last night with energy, heart, and a bunch of other stuff and instead got a sub-par T.I and Friends. NOT COOL, JUST MY OPINION, I STILL LIKE YOU THOUGH.

- I really hope that Lil' Wayne continues to go hard in the studio as he has been, the chips are stacked against him for ever winning the Album of the Year, but if the new material I have been hearing is gonna be apart of a album, he will surely get his eventually.

- M.I.A, please kill yourself for wearing that thing. Big Ups for performing while pregnant though.

- My Dad (Jay-Z) is getting and looking old. Its cool though cause he is the King and no one will argue that.

- Jamie Foxx had the best shades on at the show (I'm trying to find out what they were)

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson should return to wrestling.

- Why didn't T. Pain get to perform at the show? By far one of the hardest working artist in the game.

- I could just keep going, and going, but I'm not. I got a bunch of work to complete.

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