Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Mr. President: President Obama's National Address February 24, 2009 (You Really Have To Watch This)

It took me a couple hours to load this video up, I had to debate with myself after finding that The Boss Lady has a crush on President Obama "I tried to turn into a hater but realized I couldn't really say anything bad about the man............. where does he work (he's the President), how money does he have (all the money in the World, he's the President), what kind of house does he have (the most desirable and sought after houses in America, the White House, he's the President)...................... So after getting over it, I jumped back on Team Obama and decided to do my part in helping this country re-achieve greatness. I'm telling yall please take the 10 minutes out of your schedule to watch this video, its really important if we want to grow right now. I will also say that you individuals that have contacted me about opening any type of business in the near future this message is for you. I would also suggest going to find the entire video online (which I couldn't), it's so important that we hear the entire message. As I have sated before, President Obama brings a level of Government transparency that we have never seen before. We hope you all enjoy this video and learn from it, as well as decide to do your part in the movement towards recovery. Please feel free to comment and until we speak again PEACE.

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