Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Perfect Combination From Sneak Peek Memphis

Sneaker Fiend "Like Mike" T-Shirt
Price: $29.99


Adidas Original Attitude Hi
Price: $84.99
(Not Available at Sneak Peek - Memphis)


The end result is a beautiful combination that can only be completed at Sneak Peek - Memphis.

So you have a pair of shoes with no shirt to go with it or a dope shirt with no shoes to rock with it. We have all been there before, and at Sneak Peek we are approached with this issue quite often. So we started thinking, we are sure alot of people go through the same things so what can we do to help. We all feel so good when we send a customer out the door with a Perfect Combination, and very rarely do we get a chance to see people in our clothes, so this blog segment is a tribute to the customers and staff who work hard to create these perfect combos. Some harder then others but never the less, everyone is happy in the end. Check out this and let us know what you think, more to come soon. Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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