Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Arrival: Nike SB Supreme Bruin

Well when a Nike shoe only gets released only in LA and New York you can almost be sure your not gonna get them. Sneaker Fiends in those cities are a little more active then in Memphis as they will camp outside days in advance, Buy tickets just to be able to stand in line to get the shoe, etc. So How In The Hell did Little Ol' Sneak Peek in Memphis grab not only one pair but two pair of Nike SB x Supreme releases that completely SOLD OUT in 7 MINUTES. Well we have a secret weapon called "The Boss Lady" that makes sure that we are always on point no matter the occassion. With that said I would like to announce that just arriving at Sneak Peek, 2 Pair of Nike SB Supreme Bruins in the Red/ Gold/ White Colorway (Already Sold to Wong) and the Black/ Silver/ White colorway which is currently for sale at Sneak Peek. It is a pretty dope shoe, luckily it is about 3 inches short or all of yall would be S.O.L. So now everyone knows if there is any shoe you need, anywhere in the World, Limited Release or Not, Super Expensive or Reasonablly Priced, Sneak Peek Got Ya. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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Mz.Breezy said...

Yo...these are hot! Are there any more? Like what sizes do you have? I need like a 8 and a half