Tuesday, April 21, 2009

InCase BookBags and Paul Rodriguez Skateboard Collection

So Santa Claus (the UPS Man) came through bearing huge boxes and . . . . . . . . . well let me just get to the pictures and I will explain later.

Full Bookbags and Messenger Bags Available In Red, Light Blue, and Black

RaRa rocking the InCase Messenger Bag in Light Blue

Incase BackPack/ BookBag available in Red, Light Blue, and Black

How many of you remember the Gravis Bags and Luggage we had the 1st week the store opened? Probably not many of you because they went that fast, 3 or 4 days tops (Sold Out). Well just in time for all of the Summer Travel we have new BookBags/ BackPacks, Messenger Bags, and Luggage from InCase. These bags are equally comfortable and designed with dopeness, as they come with additional back support for those heavy loads but also were manufactured with no hard lines giving them a very futuristic look. No matter which Bag or Luggage set you are looking at, there is so much more then what can be seen in pictures. Secret pockets for storage, tough Nylon materail for everyday - extreme wear and tear, as well as Compartments for specialty storage (including MacBooks up to 17", Skateboards, Skateboard repair tools, writing materials, etc.). Check out the video below of InCase/ Nike Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez as he explains further everything that went into the design and manufacturing of his Signature Bag. These won't last long so if you see it and like it, I suggest you come thru. We hope to see everyone soon and Until We Speak Again PEACCE.

InCase Paul Rodriguez Collection Overnight Bag with Conversion Kit (Can Be Worn as a BackPack/ BookBag or Over The Shoulder)

InCase Paul Rodriguez Collection Skate Bag

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