Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Era For Days: You Take Your Pick

Sometimes we get so consumed with listing clothing, music, and other various things that WE FORGET WHY WE ARE HERE. Don't get me wrong keeping everyone up to date on what is happening in our world is dope but the Blog is to give people a "Sneak Peek" of what is in the store and ALSO keeping everyone up to date and involved. We often let gear just come in the store without giving it the specific attention it needs and deserves. So with that said let me get everyone caught up with whats on the shelves here at 652 that we neglected to display. I would definately say that our most neglected items are the various styles of New Era we carry. No Team Caps here, but we do carry a good assortment of New Eras provided by the Clothing Brands in-stock. Check out the pics below for a Sneak Peek. Most are available in sizes 7 - 8 (and all the sizes in between). One per size and some are even just 1 of 1's (one size only, so you will be the only person in Memphis to rock it). Come pick yours up today and Until We Speak Again Peace.

Fresh Jive Spring Collection "World Problems" with matching T-Shirt and "1989" Year Fresh Jive was released and maybe your Birth Year

Some of KidRobots Spring Colletion of New Eras all with matching T-Shirts (The White Reaper Glows In The Dark: Look Below)

This is an assortment of New Eras from The Hundreds, Stussy, and UnDefeated all in Size 7 and 1/2.

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