Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chi-Town State of Mind (In Memphis): Event Review - ReccessISon Tuesday at Rumba Room

So on Tuesday the entire Sneak Peek Family took the cheapest and Fastest trip to Chicago in Travel History. We hopped in Iceberg (The Cadillac) and traveled down Union Avenue to S. Main arriving at the Rumba Room in less then 5 minutes. What looked on the outside as just another night at another night club in Memphis, ended up being a ball for everyone in attendence. Never before (In My 2.5 years in Memphis) has TRUE HIP-HOP been so alive in the city of Memphis. When you combine GREAT DJ's (Devin Steel, DJ Houston, and Mic T - All of the K97 family), a GREAT BAR SELECTION (Which we can all attest to), a A-List crowd (people who are actually doing stuff in Memphis, thats how I judge a crowd), and a Banging Playlist (includding Kid Cudi, Jay-Z (My Dad), Mobb Deep, Kardinal Official, Aaliyah, Ryan Leslie, etc.); this adds up to a SNEAK PEEK Certified Event. I remember thinking "When did I get to Chicago, cause this can't be Memphis", which is the reason for my mention of the great city of Chicago above. But I was in Memphis, and I really realized that HIP-HOP is ALIVE in Memphis and it lives at Sneak Peek and in events like ReccessISon Tuesday. It will grow and the city will catch on, why not be a part of it on the front end, there is enough room on the train for all of us (and I do mean everyone). Where else can Chi-Town Steppers, Jookers, and Someone (Me) who doesn't know how to dance share a dance floor with no altercations.................... Only at ReccessISon Tuesday. Join Us (Event Info Below):

Event Info:
Start Time: Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 1:00am
Location: The Rumba Room 303-305 S. Main (Downtown Memphis)
Street: 303-305 S. Main (Next Door To Pearls Oyster)
City/Town: Memphis, TN

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DJ said...

Yea man Recession is tight,, Hip Hop has never died in Memphis though,, It's just that the promoters in this city (who think they are DJ's) have such a tight hold on what they want their DJ's to play.. This event was promoted by the DJ's and for the people without any of the promoters involved,, That's why you got the REAL feeling of Hip Hop in the M for a change. Isn't the first time,, But it is the first time since You have been here.. Glad you enjoyed!

DJ Swagga