Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blast From The Past: From A Conversation with Memphis' Own DJ Spydermann of 107.1 FM

Oh How I Love Some The Conversations That Occur Behind The Doors of Sneak Peek - Memphis. Friday Prior To Going On Air at 107.1 FM DJ Spydermann Stopped By To Get His Photo Taken for Five for Five Friday and Started A Conversation About Music and DJing That Peeked My Interest To Know More. I Felt As Though I Was Talking To A Grizzled War Veteran About World War II With The Excitement Spydermann Displayed When Talking About The Music. Names of Artist and Songs Came Out Of His Mouth That I Had Never Heard Before, He Told Me Stories Of MC Battles and How Some Hip Hop Classics Came To Be That Left Me In Utter Amazement. It's Just So Much About This Game That I Don't Know, But You Better Believe Later The Next Day I Was Online Looking This Stuff Up. Impressed To Say The Least, I Was Ashamed, Because SOME of The Music I Hear Today Couldn't Hold A Candle To The Things I Was Watching On YouTube. I Am A Firm Believer In The Saying "You Never Know Where You Going, Until You Know Where You Been", So From Spydermann To Me, and From Me To You I Suggest That All Of Us Lovers of Hip Hop Get Familiar With This Music, and The History Behind The Music. What We Are Doing Today Is Nothing New, In All Honesty, It Is Worst Now Then Ever, But This Is Only Because Artist and Fans Of The Music Have No Sense Of History. We Don't Know What We Are Preserving To Be Able To Appreciate All The Hard Work That Came Into Doing It Before Us, and So We Put Out HOT GARBAGE To Sell Records, When It Is About So Much More. I Know It Would Be Impossible For Me To Save Hip Hop With One Blog But Give Me A Couple Days and I Will Figure Something Out. Alot Of People Will Read This and Take It Out Of Context, So Let Me Clear It Up First. I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM DISSING ANYONE, SOME MUSIC IS BAD, DOWN RIGHT TERRIBLE, AND I AM JUST SPEAKING THE TRUTH, SOME MUSIC IS GOOD, BUT IN MY PERSONAL OPINION IT COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER IF WE UNDERSTOOD WHERE THIS CULTURE CAME FROM AND LEARNED MORE ABOUT THE PIONEERS THAT CAME BEFORE US. GET FAMILIAR WITH THE RODNEY O'S/ KURTIS BLOW'S/ AND OTHER DJ'S THAT USED TO RIP THE SHOWS (THAT RHYMES). Just Check It Out, Trust Me You Will Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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