Friday, June 5, 2009

Yo Gotti and Jordan Tower Films Present The Introduction

As The Boss Lady Has Told Me Plenty Of Times, Music Is Music, If You Like It You Like It Regardless To How You Feel About The Other Things Surrounding The Music. With That Said Here Is Memphis' Own and Sneak Peek Loyal Yo Gotti. Behind The Scenes I Have Been A Closet Fan Of Gotti's Since I Used To Visit Memphis A Couple Years Ago. I May Not Always Agree With The Subjects The Rap Veteran Talks About and I Have Always Believed He Could Do So Much More, But Even I Can't Deny That He Makes Really Mezmerizing Music. Making My Rounds Through The Internet (Like It's A Place Or Something, LOL) I Found This Video, Which Is A Collaboration Between Yo Gotti and Jordan Tower Films. Honestly, I Really LOVE IT. Its Gritty, Its Street, Its Memphis, Its Gotti. I'm Really Looking Forward To His Upcoming Release As The Singles Released Seem To Give A Preview To A Hip Hop Classic (Yes I Said Hip Hop Classic). Who Dare Says We At Sneak Peek Are Against Memphis Music, Kill Yourself. I LIKE GOOD MUSIC, and IF IT'S NOT GOOD I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. Let Us Know What You Think and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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