Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey Mr. President: President Obama's Weekly Address 06/13/2009

I have gotten Mixed Reviews in terms of how people felt in regards to us posting President Obama's Weekly National Addresses. Some people thought it was great and encouraged us to continue, while others believed it to inappropriate and suggested that we not do it anymore. While I welcome everyone into our doors both in store and online, one of our major goals is to not offend anyone through our music, the clothing we provide and the themes they cover, and our blog topics. With that said I just want to make it perfectly clear that this Blog is neither in Support or Non-Support of President Obama, we are In Support of the United States of America and we Support the idea of doing whatever needs to be done to get this country back to a healthy place where everyone can prosper. That and that alone is the reason why we post these videos of the President giving his weekly address. If people are not aware of what he is saying then we can not take part in the solution or give our opinions in regards to what he is speaking about. As I have stated before, there are alot of people that will read our Blog before they go to or any News Outlet. President Obama's goal in making this a better America is reaching the people where they are at. You are here, I am here, and so we at Sneak Peek will help President Obama reach everyone here and anywhere else he needs to. If this or any post that we discuss offend you please let us know personally by emailing

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