Friday, November 27, 2009

Motivation: Black Friday At The Hundreds LA

If Anyone Ever Ask Me What Drives Me Everyday, Its Stores (Streetwear Boutiques) That I Look Up To and The Personalities Behind Them Like The Hundreds (Bobby Hundreds) and Leaders 1354 (Vic Lloyd) Just To Name A Few. Being In Memphis Sometimes Its Hard To Keep Up With The New New Before They Hit Main Stream. Paying Attention To These Guys and These Stores Keep Me Posted So I Can Keep Yall Fresh Daily. I Visited The Hundreds Blog This Morning Before We Opened and Was Not Surprised To See The Madness Around Their Annual Black Friday/ Warehouse Sale In LA. Check It Out For Yourself Below. MOTIVATION INDEED, As This Is What I Would Like To See Outside On South Main One Day. Gotta Get Back To Work So I Can Get Us Their Sooner, But Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Just To See How Crazy It Got: This Guy Breaks His Finger For A Free Hundreds Hat. STRAIGHT CRAZY

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