Thursday, November 19, 2009

UNDRCRWN Presents DJ Jazzy Jeff - "He's The King I'm The DJ" Official Mixtape (Download Below) - Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape

We Have Been Listening To This For Some Time In The Store After Reading About It On Another Of My Favorite Blogs Which Belongs To Friend and Sneak Peek Loyal Tonya Dyson. I Fought With Myself About Releasing It But Decided To Hold It Off Until I Could Talk About Us Getting The Brand Promoting The Mixtape, UNDRCRWN, In The Store As Well. I Personally Certify It As The Michael Jackson Mix Of All Michael Jackson Mixes and Encourage All To Download It (Follow Link Below). Thank Me Later. Oh I Almost Forgot To Mention That DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Be Hosting The New Years Eve Party At Harrah's Casino In Tunica, MS (Click Here For More Info). Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

UNDRCRWN Presents DJ Jazzy Jeff's "He's The King I'm The DJ" Official Michael Jackson Mixtape (Download Here)

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